Love By Type- Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator and Love

(**If you are a Manifesting Generator, you are a hybrid of both the Manifestor and the Generator, although you are still a “Generator Type”. Please read the Manifestor section along with the Generator section to get more insights into how you operate.)

Approximately 33% of the population are Manifesting Generators. If you’re a Manifesting Generator, your Sacral is defined and connected to your Throat Center via defined Channels. Considered the most powerful motor in the body, the Sacral is the Center that controls work and life force energy, therefore gifting Manifesting Generators with the ability to multi-task work and family.

Manifesting Generators have a deep inner awareness to know what’s right for them as they wait for a “sign” or a signal that the timing is right to take action. A strong intuition turned on by gut-level pulses that simultaneously places Manifesting Generators in the right place, doing the right work, having the right impact.

Manifesting Generators determine the fastest way to complete tasks, skipping steps in the process while getting things “done.” If they find those skipped steps to be important, they will eventually complete them.

Manifesting Generators are the busiest Type. They are intense multi-taskers filled with enormous bursts of energy who feel nothing seems to move fast enough. When fatigue sets in, they will take the time to recharge, only to start all over again.

Manifesting Generators who use their inherent energy correctly and follow the inner guidance of their Sacral response are a dynamic and powerful force that benefits the world in work and relationships … and are magnificent to watch in action!

Manifesting Generators can be committed and steady partners in the right relationships. However, they are steadfast, and when in a groove, they prefer to be left alone – a problem for relationship!

Sometimes when Manifesting Generators are in partnership, they can “steamroll” their partners and peers in their speed and focus on getting the job done.

All Manifesting Generators will forget once in a while to inform about what they are up to leaving their partners confused, angry or even stressed about what might be going on in the relationship.

The outer frenetic appearance of the Manifesting Generator creativity can sometimes leave their loved ones feeling overwhelmed by their energy. Informing can help soften the intensity but the creative spark combined with the sustainability of the Sacral energy can feel like it’s too much at various times.

As a Manifesting Generator, if you’re not waiting for life to “come to you” and responding to it (so you know if you should pursue or not), you won’t know what is truly “right” so that you may apply your considerable energy and competence.

Have you been rushing off in scattered directions without waiting to respond? Problem is… that’s just not correct for you. Hence, many “wrong” directions, accompanied by frustration, anger, and impatience.

Sadly, closest relationships often bear the brunt of those types of reactions. When you wait and follow your inner guidance, you’ll have less frustration spilling over onto others. Recognizing that the frustration and anger is energy will help minimize negative impact on others.

However, frustration IS part of your personal learning curve, so you won’t be avoiding it entirely. It takes courage to wait for, trust, and follow your Sacral Response…but everything in your life (including relationships) will benefit when you do.

You’ll be more effective in your relationships when you work at being as respectful of others as you can, watch out for power struggles, and learn to compromise. Also, remember to INFORM those who will be impacted by your actions BEFORE you take those actions.

Don’t worry about skipping steps, moving fast, and multi-tasking…you are designed for these!

Be physically active during the day so that you are tired when going to bed. You’ll wake up each morning with another full tank of gas, to be used while doing it all over again.

The key to sleeping well is being physical activity. This is especially true for Manifesting Generator children, many of whom are incorrectly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.


If you are not a Manifesting Generator but are in a relationship with one, follow these guidelines:
● Accept that they move fast, fast, fast, and may leave you behind at times. Don’t try to keep up–you will wear down and burnout. Once this energy difference in your relationship is truly understood and respected, you’ll both be happier. Most of all, enjoy the ride!
● Understand that it is correct for them to wait for their inner guidance before they take action.
● Allow the Manifesting Generator the time to wait for things to respond to, and the freedom to honor and follow their responses….even if their responses “appear” to not be logical.
● The most respectful—and helpful—way that you can interact with a Manifesting Generator is to ask them Yes/No questions. This allows them a clear opportunity for their Sacral Center to respond and give them guidance.
● Don’t take their frustration/anger/impatience personally. Recognize that it’s part of their process, and when you support them in being true to their Manifesting Generator nature you’ll help them minimize all of that.
● Ask yes/no questions
● Always INFORM them and ask them to INFORM you.

Experiment with it.

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