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The Calibrator (Reflector) and Love in Quantum Human Design Type

Today we’re talking about the Calibrators (in Quantum Human Design™, otherwise known as the Reflectors in Traditional Human Design.)

Sidebar: Quantum Human Design™ is a new and transformed Human Design language deliberately engineered and upgraded by Karen Curry Parker. This new vocabulary is a positive, powerful and empowering, higher vibrational frequency language, making it more expansive, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding to help you fully activate your potential.⁠ If you don’t have your Chart with the Quantum language on it, you can get it HERE.

Calibrators are a minority—around 1% of the population are Calibrator types. Calibrators have all Centers open and their chart looks almost empty to some of the other Quantum Human Design Types who have defined centers.

Calibrators are fully open to the world and to others. Because there are no defined centers by design, Calibrators take in the energy of everybody else, seeing the world through others’ eyes, sampling a frequency of energy and reflecting it back to the other.

Calibrators are like a mirror, and the reflection of other people continually changes their perception. One instant, you may feel extremely emotional, while the next moment, it’s gone. You may then get all the ideas and a sound sense of knowing where you’re going in life, and then it’s gone again, and so forth. That’s why it’s essential for you carefully choose your friends and partners; they will have a huge impact on your feelings and experience of yourself.

Calibrators have considerably different life experiences that all of the other Types. So, sometimes they may feel alone and misunderstood. Calibrators can also suffer deep disappointment when having to wait and live through the energy of others.

This type of emotion causes Calibrators to require more attention than most all other people (and Types). Because of this, at times they may feel inadequate and think that they don’t fit anywhere.

The most uncomfortable thing for Calibrators is pressure, especially the pressure to make decisions. For them, it’s the most unnatural thing because Calibrators don’t necessarily make decisions. They experience a choice or decision over a cycle of the Moon (29 days). It’s not the same as making a decision with the mind. Calibrators have to experience their choice inside of themselves over time. Going through the entire cycle gives them the power to be able to realize solutions and right choices.

Calibrators need people because they are non-energy beings and depend on the energetic connections that others provide them. But, they also need their alone time so that they may discharge energy that they’ve absorbed through the nine Open Centers.

There are certain things to remember if you are in a relationship with a Quantum Human Design Type Calibrator as they discharge others’ energy that is in their system.

• Love them as they are; don’t try to change them, and appreciate their very important role for humanity.
• Calibrators need space; give them the space and time to be themselves.
• Allow them to manage their energy; don’t pressure or push them.
• Honor their long decision-making sequences.
• Let them speak as Calibrators need to hear their issues and feelings reflected back to them through you.
• Help them recognize when the environment is not healthy for them.
• Understand that they may need you more than you need them.
• Know that you will see the truth about yourself through them, be okay with that revelation.
• Don’t take their disappointments personally; it’s their nature, their emotion.

Calibrators can easily merge with the people around them. In relationships, they can easily match the energy and personality of their partners. It is easy for Calibrators not to realize that they are giving up their own needs and wants because they have lost their energetic connection to themselves and their own needs.

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