Living Your Design Taking HD Off the Page – QAS Show

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Human Design is fascinating, but how do I actually apply it to my life?”

Human Design is a system of cross-cultural archetypes that give us a blueprint for how our energy is designed to function — but it can feel abstract or difficult to live into in the day-to-day moments of our lives.

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Host, Betsy Batista, will help you take your design off the page! She will talk about how to start looking at the energies of your chart in a more concrete way (including how different people can have the same energies but live them TOTALLY differently), and how to use this knowledge to bring you more fully into alignment. (Hint: you may already be more “on your path” than you think!)

Betsy is a is a 2/4 Alchemist (Generator), Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist & Quantum Alignment System Practitioner.

Connect with Betsy:

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Website: https://www.betsybatista.com

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IG: @livingintohumandesign

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