Let’s Talk about all Things Projector Quantum Alignment Show

Join Caroline Gaddy on this week’s Quantum Alignment Show to talk about All Things Projector!

Caroline will focus on topics most relevant to Projectors (and those seeking to better understand them). We will take a look at the gifts and power in waiting for the invitation, how your Projector strategy protects you, the subtle difference between energy and non-energy Projectors, and more.

You are invited to share your Projector stories and charts, as well as pose your questions and inquire about your challenges.

If you are a Projector new to Human Design and have questions around accepting and exercising your strategy and authority, this is the show for you!

Caroline Gaddy is a 6/2 Projector, off the roof and embracing her role model phase. In addition to being a Human Design Specialist, she is a Transformational Life Coach (SLCT), a professional chef and mother to three remarkable human beings. Caroline emphasizes the role of surrender and celebrates her client’s innate wisdom as she supports them through major life changes. She makes her home in Seattle and loves connecting with local Human Design enthusiasts.

If you would like to work more closely with Caroline please visit her specialist page

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