Last Human Design Update of the Decade

Human Design Evolution Report December 30, 2019

This week starts with our final push towards the New Year. We begin the week with the Sun in the Gate 58, the Joy of Mastery, and the Earth in the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance.

This is the Joy of Mastery – not just emotional “joy”. It’s an energy that gives you the drive to be dedicated to the full expression of who you are, to cultivate your talents and skills, to deepen your commitment to doing whatever it is that is yours, and yours alone to do in this world.

On January 1, 2020 we move from Joy to the Sun in the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary and the Earth in the Gate 39, the Gate of Re-Calibration, bringing us an opportunity to make sure that we are being driven to create the things that we value the most and that we are faith-fully building a life that is the reflection of our Authentic Selves.

The energy of the Gate 38 is often associated with fighting and war. Certainly, in it’s low expression the combination of the Gate 38 and 39 can bring us tension and generalized fighting.

But, if we are connected to our Authentic Selves and a personal narrative about who we are and what we want that lifts us up and supports us in fulfilling the potential of our lives, we access power, drive and strength to live aligned with the “big why” of our lives.

The true purpose of your life is the fulfill yourself – to be who you are in the most uncompromising way possible.

We are being invited to endure and persevere, to continue to take risks and bold actions towards what we truly value.We are being assured by the planets that when we move limitations and old beliefs about our own “enough-ness” and the value of our lives out of the way, we make room for the Universe to fulfill our dreams and passions.

You are enough and you are worthy of support.

With Saturn and Pluto both in the Gate 61, Perspective, we are discovering our unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan. We are learning that old stories that held us back were actually catalysts for our growth if we reframe the story. We are seeing the potential of who we can be without the limitations of old stories.

We are connecting spiritually to the sacredness of Who We Truly Are. We are being pushed by the planets to fulfill the sacred duty to be who we are designed to be. We are seeing the vital, irreplaceable role that we play in the order of the Cosmos.

Take some time this week to dig deep and ask yourself who you truly are. Who is the Authentic You? What dreams and hopes do you have that feel unfulfilled and need attention, perspective and liberation? Let yourself truly imagine the life you long to be living. Really feel yourself living it….

Journal Questions:

  • Do you know what’s worth committing to and fighting for in your life?
  • Do you have a dream that you are sharing with the world?
  • Do you know how to use your struggles and challenges as the catalyst for creating deeper meaning in the world?In your life?


My challenges, struggles and adventures have taught me about what is truly valuable in life. I use my understandings to hold a vision of what else is possible for the world. I am aligned with the values that reflect the preciousness of life and I sustain a vision for a world that is aligned with Heart. My steadfast commitment to my vision inspires others to join me in creating a world of equitable, sustainable peace.