Immunity, Integrity and Human Design QAS Show

On today’s Quantum Alignment Show, you’re going to learn about Integrity and Health and Why living an authentic life creates greater well-being and vitality
The energy for integrity is associated with the Thymus gland in Human Design. The thymus serves a vital role in the training and development of T-lymphocytes or T cells, an extremely important type of white blood cell.
When we live out of integrity or when we experience a breech in integrity, it is traumatic, affects our self-worth and even, potentially, our immune system.
On today’s show you’re going to learn about how to bolster your immunity and how to begin the process of activating your Authentic Self. You’ll also learn why it’s vital to start reclaiming your Identity and how living out of “integrity” can impact, not only your physical well-being and vitality, but your finances, your relationships, your lifestyle and more.
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