Illuminate Your Intuitive Gifts – QA Show

Have your intuitive gifts been waking up?

Are you here to serve as a light leader in the world?

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Host, Jess Bubbico, a 4/6 Initiator (Manifestor) Certified Level 3 Quantum Human Design Specialist, is going to share how each and every single one of us has a unique set of intuitive gifts that supports us in connecting with Spirit and our higher selves. Our Human Design Chart can give us a glimpse into our unique intuitive gifts and how we connect with the unseen realms.

Whether you’re a coach, healer, or someone with a deep desire to promote healing in the world, this week’s Quantum Alignment Show will illuminate the intuitive gifts that are innate within you. Jess dives into the intuitive markers in the chart & practical tips and tools to begin connecting with your intuitive gifts every day! 

Take the Intuition Quiz: https://www.jessbubbico.com

Resources Mentioned in the Show: Join the Intuitive Development Group: https://www.jessbubbico.com/idim2021

Connect with Jess: IG: https://www.instagram.com/jessbubbico/

Jess’ Specialist Profile page – click here

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