Ignite Your Feminine Sovereignty – QAS Show

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Host, Maggie Ostara, PhD, is sharing

3 Keys to Reclaiming Your Power and Manifesting Your Purpose with Human Design.

Maggie is a Sovereignty Mentor and Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist.

Are you feeling unstable, uncertain, even unsafe in today’s tumultuous world?

Yet at the same time are you feeling a stronger desire than ever to grow your participation, influence and effectiveness wherever you are focusing in your life?

Can you feel the call of destiny yet still feel unclear about the best direction in which to pour your energy? 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for most of us. We have had to adapt to one big shift after another, and it’s been exhausting.

At the same time we’ve been coming face to face with our values, beliefs and what matters most to us. That’s been very clarifying. Even in the midst of such radical changes, maybe especially in their midst, we can feel the way we’re being called to something greater even if we don’t know what it is or how to create it.

Your Human Design provides you with an uncannily accurate map to guide you through even the toughest challenges by revealing to you your soul curriculum, what you’re here to speak and teach about, what faculties you have ready access to that will support you on your journey, plus how to turn any apparent liabilities in your character into powerful assets and allies.

In this episode you’ll discover:

• How to use Human Design to turn overwhelm, uncertainty and anxiety into fuel for manifesting your life purpose and highest calling

• How developing your Feminine Sovereignty (for all genders) will bolster and grow your power and authority

• Why now is the time to step into your destiny even more and to send into the cosmic compost your inner limitations and out-dated belief structure

• What you can do right now to create stable ground underneath yourself, develop a clear vision of where you’re going, and take your next steps toward what you want most.


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