If you Love an Orchestrator (Projector)

Projector Orchestrator

Orchestrators (Projectors in Traditional Human Design) are here to manage, guide and direct the energy of the other Types.⁠⁠

Orchestrators are very different than all of the other Types. They don’t have sustainable energy, which means that they are not here to work in the traditional way that we define work. They often run out of energy and need more rest and alone time.⁠⁠
This can be confusing because for short bursts of time, the Orchestrator can actually take in the energy of other Types, amplify it and use it, making it seem that they’re super-human until they collapse. And then we get frustrated with them because they suddenly can’t do what they were able to do last week.⁠⁠
Orchestrators need to be recognized and invited in order to be effective with their management of the rest of us. That means, no matter how incredibly wise and insightful they may be (and they are!) they have to wait for us to ask for their insights and guidance first. And if they don’t wait to be recognized and invited, we can often perceive them to be bossy, controlling know-it-alls, and we ignore them or devalue them; and then they become bitter.⁠⁠

If you love an Orchestrator, it’s important you understand how absolutely precious they are.

You’re loving a person who looks at the world and intuitively sees exactly what needs to happen to make the world a better place and have probably been sharing their wisdom all of their life and no one has listened.⁠⁠
The greatest gift you can give your Orchestrator is the recognition of their brilliance. Ask them for their insights and opinions. Make space in the conversation for their guidance and wisdom.⁠⁠
Orchestrators don’t typically have a lot of awareness of themselves. They’re here to be wise about others and in order to really see what’s going on with themselves, they need to talk it through with you so leave space in your relationship to really listen.⁠⁠
When they forget to wait to be asked for their insights, look at them with love and realize that they’re simply trying to help. Your Orchestrator is your greatest resource! If you don’t honor their wisdom of guidance everyone in the relationship loses out!⁠⁠

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