If you Love an Initiator (Manifestor)

Manifestor Type

Initiators (Manifestors in Traditional Human Design) are powerful energy beings who are here to create.

They have an internal, non-verbal creative flow and when they want to do something, they simply get into their creative flow and make it happen.⁠⁠
Initiators can seem like fast-moving, independent people who just leap up and go do something. Our natural impulse when we see an Initiator on the move is to try to offer them our assistance or ask them what they’re doing. Our questioning often triggers a despairing or sometimes even “snappy” reply and we get our feelings hurt or don’t feel needed in response.⁠⁠
Sometimes we feel angry with our Initiator beloveds because they just do things and forget to tell us what they’re up to and we’re confused about what the “plan” is because we don’t know what’s going on!⁠⁠
The good news is that none of this is personal!⁠⁠
Your Initiator beloved isn’t purposely leaving you out, messing with your plans or snapping at you because of anything you’ve done wrong.⁠⁠
It’s hard for an Initiator to find the words to describe what they’re doing. Remember, they have an internal NON-VERBAL creative flow. It takes a lot of energy for them to stop and find the words to tell you what they’re doing. When they do stop, they lose they’re creative flow, so they feel exasperated or even angry.⁠⁠

If you love an Initiator, learn to get information from them by engaging with them with curiosity and using phrases such as:⁠⁠

⁠⁠“I’m wondering how you feel about….”⁠
“I’m curious what you think about…..”⁠⁠
Initiators need a lot of freedom to do what they feel inspired to do. Don’t be hurt if they seemingly don’t need you. They probably don’t and if they do, they’ll let you know.⁠⁠
The good news is that they LOVE you and WANT you, even if they don’t [ need ] you to get things done. There is a big difference between “needing” and “loving”. Even though your Initiator may seem to be an independent person, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you and that they aren’t grateful to have you in their life.⁠⁠

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