Types of Quantum Human Design™ Readings

There are several kinds of Human Design readings, each focused on a specific area of your life. It is good to start with a Basic Human Design Reading before choosing to do an advanced reading.

Advanced Readings include:

Types of HD Readings 1
Types of HD Readings
A basic reading covers your Human Design Type and Strategy – your unique energy and decision-making strategy. In a basic reading you’re going to learn how your personal energy works in the world. You’ll discover your best way to make decisions, how you can tap into your right work, live your life purpose, create healthy relationships that honor who you are, how to activate greater vitality and well-being, and what you can do TODAY to start living a truly meaningful life.
“Thank you so much for introducing me to Human Design. Learning about the design of my life and my family’s lives was one of the best investments of time and money that I have ever made. I am now a more confident, informed business-woman, as well as a better parent. For years I have lived the life that I was “programmed” to live by society. Now I live the life that God intended.”
North Carolina

A basic reading also helps you discover how you process energy. There are nine energy Centers in Human Design. Each Center is responsible for processing different kinds of energy.

In traditional Human Design, you learn that Open Centers (the ones that are white on your chart) are where you are “conditioned”, meaning that you take in energy from others in those Centers. Understanding this is vital because it is in the Open Centers in your chart where it is easy to have your own energy “hijacked” or for you to become confused about what you are experiencing from others and who you really are in the mix of the energy you’re feeling.

Read more about Open Centers


It is common to mistakenly believe that the energy you experience from others belongs to you. It’s also common that, in response to the Open-ness in your chart, you adopt certain behaviors and motivations that can sometimes keep you from creating an authentic life.

For example, half of us have the Center called the Emotional Solar Plexus “open” in our charts.

If you have the Emotional Solar Plexus in white on your chart, it means that you are emotionally empathic. (This is not the only way to experience empathy in the chart, but it is the most prominent and common.) That means you feel other people’s feelings.

It’s very natural, in response to your experience of the emotional energy of others, to give up what you need and want in order to make everyone else happy. It’s kind of the perfect configuration for being somewhat “co-dependent.”

It’s often hard, if you have an Open Solar Plexus, to feel like you can “manifest” what you want in your life because you’re often worried about how your desires will impact others … sometimes to a fault.

In Quantum Human Design (non-traditional Human Design) we also look at how the Defined (colored in) energies in your chart influence your sense of Self and your authentic expression.

Your Definition in your chart is the energy that belongs to you and that you have consistent access to. It represents the archetypes that are a key part of your Life Story and that you are most likely to explore and experience in this lifetime.

Everything that is on your Human Design chart represents an archetypal energy that you can express in an infinite number of ways. I like to think of the expression of each element in your chart as operating on a “spectrum” or a sliding scale.

HD spectrum graphic
HD Spectrum

Once you understand your Definition from your Human Design Reading, you gain more control over where on the “spectrum” you want to choose to express yourself and how you can start living out the highest expression of your potential and your Authentic Self.

When you understand your energy, it helps you break old patterns and truly live an authentic, fulfilling life as your magnificent self.

A Human Design reading will help you understand all of your Energy Centers and your unique configuration.

Your Human Design reading will also reveal to you your unique learning strategy called your Profile. (Your profile looks like a “fraction” at the bottom of your chart.) Different Profiles have different ways of learning. (Did you know that some of us are designed to “make mistakes” and that getting things “wrong” is crucial to helping us learn how to get it right?)

Your Human Design reading will reveal to you your unique Life Purpose and give you even deeper insights into your personal energy and your destiny. Your reading will give you a profound new way to see the magnificence of who you truly are.

In addition, your Quantum Human Design™ reading can show you your unique money-making strategy, your relationship strategy, strengths and vulnerable points in your physical health and the best ways for you to connect spiritually.

Human Design for Everyone Specialists are trained to help you use your Human Design to create breakthroughs in all areas of your life, support you in shattering old beliefs, hurts and traumas and start you on your journey to your amazing Self.
A Human Design reading will show you what is RIGHT with you and how to focus on your gifts and strengths instead of your pain and challenges. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily make peace with so many of your struggles and let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you and your destiny.

To get started, please visit our Human Design Specialists page and find a Human Design Specialist who you resonate with.

Advanced Quantum Human Design™ Readings

1 Relationship

This one-hour reading looks at the dynamics between two charts and helps you find relationship strategies that are deeply respectful, mutually appreciative, and support you in deepening your love for your partner.

2 Solar

This one-hour reading is your birthday reading and can be done once a year to help you understand the themes you will be dealing with during your personal journey around the sun.

3 Life Cycle

In Human Design, there are some very important life cycle readings, including a Saturn Return Reading (done around the ages of 28-30), Uranus Opposition Reading (done around the age of 40) and a Chiron Return Reading (done around the age of 50) that help you understand crucial themes facing you during major life changes. These readings can really help you take stock of where you are on your life path and what you may need to do to align yourself more with your authentic self

4 Family

This is an in-depth analysis of all the members of your family (including your family of origin, if you choose) that can help you understand the energetic dynamics of your family. If you are a parent, this reading is a must and helps you learn how to best support the unfolding of your child’s gifts, strengths and authentic self as well as how to take care of yourself as a parent.

5 Business

This one-hour (or more) reading can help you understand your energy in business, how best to structure your business in alignment with your energy, and how to market yourself in a way that makes you magnetic and compelling.

6 Soul Alignment

This one-hour reading looks at your Human Design from a spiritual perspective and helps you understand your Life Purpose, the journey of your soul in this lifetime, and how to re-examine your life experiences so that they become vital lessons instead of stumbling blocks or even trauma.

7 Sacral

Generators and Manifesting Generators have a special Inner Authority that can help them make powerful decisions to find the right work, right relationships, good health, and more. To access this Inner Authority, a Generator and Manifesting Generator sometimes need help “turning on” their Inner Authority.

A Generator Coach can help Generators and Manifesting Generators “turn on” their Inner Authority and work with them to gain clarity in their lives. These sessions are for Generators and Manifesting Generators who are just discovering their Inner Authority, or for any Sacral Being who needs to respond to get clarity about a specific life situation.

“Thank you SO much for the amazing Human Design family reading we had the other day. I’m deeply grateful for all the information and practical solutions you gave me. I think I’ll be integrating what I learned for a long time to come, but wanted you to know how helpful it was and much appreciated during what has been a very challenging time.”

To find Advanced Specialists, please visit the Human Design Specialist page and find a specialist who you resonate with.

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