Nani Chesire

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Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session (HD Level 1)
  • Business Reading

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Other Services Offered

  • Essential Oils Educator
  • Visual Guidebooks
  • Audio Recordings

Certification Level

Human Design Level 2 Specialist


Human Design has helped me get out of pain, understand others better, honor my kids more and have more energy. I want everyone to have access to this amazing tool so it can bring you a new awareness that will change your life.


  • MBA
  • Human Design
  • Essential Oils


  • Human Design Guidebook for Generators
  • Human Design Guidebook for Manifesting Generators
  • Human Design Guidebook for Projectors
  • Human Design Guidebook for Reflectors
  • Human Design Guidebook for Manifestors

Personal Story

Before discovering Human Design I was a long time explorer of self-help, personality tests, & spiritual guidance. I had no idea how much insight could come from one simple piece of paper – your Human Design chart. I have run in too many directions and pushed against so many things in my life but now that I learned about Human Design, I am learning to navigate my life and decisions more easily and more authentically.

My Goal As Your Practitioner

My goal is to bring new possible solutions (or awareness) to my clients. I know that everyone works differently and I honor that the process may vary depending on the needs. I ask that people let me know three things that they would like answered so that I am being guided by what they want to know. I also intuit things that I believe may be important for them to hear. My desired outcome for my clients is action-oriented, practical applications that are valuable and bring more flow, ease and acceptance into their life.

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Bē You with Nani



(503) 610-8036

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Portland, OR



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Personal Note

I conduct readings as recordings or via Zoom. I can’t wait to bring more flow, ease, and acceptance into your life!