Jamie McComas

Human Design Profile


Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading, Life Purpose Reading (HD Level 4)
  • Soul Alignment Reading (HD Level 4)
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session (HD Level 1)
  • Topic Focused Strategy Session
  • Relationship Reading
  • Family Analysis
  • Life Cycle Readings (Life Cycle Analysis-Professional Training)
  • Career Transition
  • Business Reading
  • Business Coaching

Human Design Type

Manifesting Generator

Other Services Offered

  • Quantum Alignment System Coaching
  • Wholistic Health Consultations
  • Homeopathic Consultations
  • Flower essence consultations
  • Facial analysis-Mineral deficiency Consultations
  • Remote energy healing & reiki
  • Angel & Tarot Card readings
  • Emotrance
  • EFT & TFT

Certification Level

Human Design Level 4 Specialist


I have been studying Human Design under Karen for 10 years…and I still can’t get enough of it! It’s kinda my thing.


  • Quantum Alignment System Level 3
  • Human Design Specialist Level 4
  • Homeopathic Practitioner
  • Flower essence practitioner
  • Biochemical Tissue Salt- Facial Analyst
  • Modern Stress Management Facilitator
  • EFT Master Practitioner
  • Emotrance Practitioner
  • Angelic life coach
  • Angel Communication Master
  • Medical intuitive
  • Energy Healer

Personal Story

Through my own personal healing I know the power of this system. It was pivotal in guiding me out of my darkest time. Thanks to knowing my Human Design and how my energy flows I am now able to make the correct choices for myself and life is something I look forward to again.

My Goal As Your Practitioner

My goal is to guide you through your chart to bring you into alignment with the heart of who you are, the true essence of who you BE. I lead by example in embracing the essence of my own BEing, following my type, and following my strategy. I’ll show you that you don’t have to struggle to realign and understand your chart. I’m know for keeping it real and keeping it authentic. I like to use real life examples and words so you can truly embrace the wisdom contained in your Human Design chart. With this awareness you’ll be able to step back into YOUR power and thrive…to live YOUR LIFE according to YOUR TRUTH… BOLDLY~FIERCELY~FREELY.

Contact Information


Company Name

Quantum Essence by The Potion Lady



(443) 289-9696

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Baltimore, Maryland



Languages Spoken


Personal Note

I am available for consultations via zoom and WhatsApp. In some cases I may be able to provide you information via email. I look forward to be of service and guiding you back home to the heart of who you BE