Launa Germiquet

Human Design Profile


Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Topic Focused Strategy Session
  • Relationship Reading
  • Life Cycle Readings (Life Cycle Analysis-Professional Training)
  • Business Coaching

Human Design Type

Manifesting Generator

Certification Level

Human Design Level 3 Specialist


I am a Human Design Specialist to guide people into enjoying life with their Unique Potential. I truly believe we all have talents and gifts in life and to live them is how we can feel more at one with who we are.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Communications (University of Calgary)
  • Marketing Design Advanced Professional (New York)
  • Desktop/Web Design Certificate
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Certified Reflex Condition Practitioner
  • Certified Big Growth Business Coach
  • Astrology Level 2
  • Human Design Specialist Levels 1-4 (Certified to level 3)


  • Getting U.P.

Personal Story

As a successful business woman, my masters in coaching and the traumatic experience I have had, I trust we all have a calling. Mine is to help people find their life purpose and GET UP into ACTION. That’s why I love this tool! You can learn more about me from website
I look forward to hearing from you! Have an incredible day!

PS. I’m in Canada!

My Goal As Your Practitioner

I truly want to guide you into your Unique Potential. I have developed a procedure called the Unique Potential Success formula. I would like to introduce this formula to you as a guidance for you to take action and succeed.

Contact Information


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Getting U.P. Now



(403) 542-7918

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Personal Note

Contact me today to discover your Unique PotentialTM together through an informative and engaging collaborative process!