Human Design Update 6-30-2020

Human Design Evolution Report – Intense week in the transits

Well…some weeks there is just no way to sugar coat things. It’s about to intensify out there.

It’s going to be intense until next February which is when I expect to see a significant break in the celestial weather.

Before we get rolling this week, I want to remind you that the planets bring us themes that support us in our evolution. We always have a choice over how we work with these themes, so even if the celestial weather is “rough” we have influence over how we handle the turbulence.

The Human Design chart shows us that resiliency is comprised of 9 key traits:

 Lovability:  How much love you believe you can receive, experience and give.

 Authenticity:  How free you feel to fully express your Authentic Self.

 Courage:  How well you are able to navigate through fear without letting it paralyze you.  

 Emotional Wisdom:  Your ability to use emotional energy as a creative source of power and  to be deliberate, not reactive.

 Decisiveness:  Your ability to know how to make decisions that are good and right for you. 

 Self-Trust:  The degree to which you trust your inner wisdom and trust in your own abilities. 

 Self-Worth:  Your self-esteem and your sense of your own value.

 Vitality:  How much energy you have to do the things you want and need to do in your life.

 Empowerment:  How much control and power you feel like you have over creating your life. 

The more we work on living the high expression of these energies, the more control and choice we have over how we work with the celestial weather. Awakened, resilient people always have choice.

People who are living out the script of their conditioning have no choice but to react with old patterns and relive the same story again and again.

So much of our personal and collective conditioning is experienced as trauma. 

I define trauma as any event, circumstance or perception that causes you to lose connection with your lovability, you sense of value and your right place in the world.

When we are traumatized, we create protective identities that are programmed to react or compartmentalize emotions when we encounter situations that trigger our trauma. Protective Identities, decrease our resiliency.

The celestial weather this week gives us the potential to get to the root of what is blocking our ability to create deliberately and consciously. The planets are giving us a chance to redefine what is truly valuable and precious in our lives and to take sustainable and enduring action towards creating a world that reflects what is truly valuable.

On Wednesday, July 1, the Sun moves into the Gate 39, the Gate of Re-Calibration. The Earth moves into the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary. These two energies together have the potential to escalate fighting if we are holding the emotional frequency of “lack”.

The Gate 39 has the power to pierce and penetrate situations that are out of alignment with abundance and to create tension. This tension, much like disruption of the surface tension of a droplet of water, has the power to return things to their rightful flow.

The Gate 38, promises us that if we ground ourselves in a dream and a vision of what we truly want, what is truly valuable and what is necessary to create lasting transformation then we can access the endurance to make the changes necessary.

There is a fine line to walk here. If we need to fight, it must be a just fight, a fight that is rooted in the bigger picture of what is necessary to re-calibrate the story of humanity back to a place of sustainable abundance. We are fighting for our dreams and for what is truly valuable.

But fighting for the sake of fighting is a theme with both of these Gates. These energies create tension. If we don’t have the vision to help us use the tension to create momentum and if we’re reacting from our own unresolved trauma then our fighting is just grandstanding and ineffective.

When we are traumatized and we lose our sense of value, we question whether are enough. If we think we aren’t enough, don’t have enough, can’t be enough…then we embody the energy of lack. This “not enough-ness” often causes us to feel like we need to strike out at others to get our fair share, creating tension, dis-ease and resistance.

At the heart of “fighting the good fight” is the need to heal our trauma and to take powerful and vital steps to heal the trauma of others and the collective. If we simply fight without tackling the root cause of the tension, we are simply re-arranging deck chairs on a sinking boat.

Mars this week moves into its home sign, Aries, amping up warrior energy but with a catch. Mars moves into the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit, initiating this powerful ingress cycle with the directive that we are in a cycle of death that will, ultimately, lead to a powerful, spiritual rebirth.

This is the journey of the priestess or the shaman who must first die to the ego and their limited identity and be reborn as Master Teachers of the Heart. We are co-creating and collaborating with Spirit and working to fulfill our true purpose as spiritual beings in form. The more we work to create equitability, sustainability, love-in-action and alignment with the True Story of Who We Truly Are, the more we are supported by Spirit and the more power we can access.

With five planets in retrograde giving us a “big picture” perspective on the true meaning of our lives, both on a personal and collective level, we are establishing a prayer field that will eventually support us manifesting a world that truly reflects heaven on earth.

But we’re not going to get there without doing the work. That’s the call we must heed at this vital time.

I urge you to gird your loins for the long haul. We have barely begun this cycle and if you’re weary and ready for a return to normal, it’s not going to happen.

Sustain yourselves because we can’t create sustainably if we’re burned out. Love yourself because you can’t act with compassion if you’re trying to prove your lovability. Nurture yourself because you have nothing to give if your own cup is empty.

We’ve got a long journey ahead of us, but you were born for this time. The world needs you to show up as a healed, whole, deeply connected and aligned human being.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,