Human Design Update 04-21-2020


I hope this update finds you doing well and staying strong and healthy.

We have good and bad days here.

My 10 year old is beginning to realize that her 11th birthday party on May 13 will probably be hosted on Zoom and is in a state of pre-grief. My 80-year-old Manifesting Generator father is grumpy and frustrated and struggling. My mother, who is also a Manifesting Generator is learning to work with my father’s moods. My seven adult children have varying days of courage and fear. I haven’t held my grandson since last November and my arms are aching to hug him.

Some days I see people posting stories on social media about how much fun, rest, renewal and bliss they are experiencing as they homeschool, bake bread and drink wine under the stars with their sweetie before they go to bed early and sleep blissfully and I have dark thoughts. Some days I read their posts and feel less than perfect.

I have baked bread. Some of it was edible. Most wasn’t.

Homeschooling is good some days. Some days we both cry and eat ice cream instead of studying.

I do drink wine some nights. Often to try to combat the overwhelm I’m feeling. I have to get up at 5:00 am to try to get everything done and most days I end the day still “behind” with a to-do list that hasn’t been completed. I’d love to connect more with my husband but we’re tag teaming with parenting and squeezing work in between and we’re never alone…

Sleep is often interrupted by my worries.

I am meditating every day. I am calibrating myself often. I do yoga. I get on my Peloton and climb massive digital mountains to burn off steam.

On any given day I am able to find the thread of gratitude. I know we are incredibly lucky and privileged. I don’t want to take for granted that there are so many people truly suffering right now.

We are moody and a bit inconvenienced but incredibly blessed and I am grateful.

It’s okay to feel the entire spectrum of the emotional energy wave.Somewhere along the way many of us were taught that enlightenment and being “awakened” means that you live in a state of 24/7 bliss.

Not true.

Emotional energy has waves.

The peaks and the valleys of your emotional energy are not the most creative elements of your emotional energy. Your creative power lies in maintaining a high baseline frequency.

Here’s the deal. You’re going to have crappy days and it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you’re sliding back, disintegrating or un-manifesting your creations. It just means that you’re having a bad day.

What matters more is that you keep getting up and pointing yourself back in the direction you’re wanting to be headed in.

It’s also important that you don’t resist where you are. To accept yourself and your stumbles with grace, self-forgiveness and self-love. Resistance takes energy and puts you at risk for burnout and depletion.

I just wanted to let you know that anyone who is proclaiming to be living in Pandemic bliss is probably not being totally honest.

You do you.

Good and bad. Frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed. Joyful, blissful, grateful or humbled.

Keep finding the thread of gratitude and keep looking up…

Each brings its own set of adventures and lessons. I learned a long time ago training for athletic events to bless the hard days, those days when you don’t make your goals and training doesn’t go as planned. Those are the days when you learn the most.

Be gentle with yourselves.

Much love to you all!!

From my Heart to Yours,



Each planet and the sun, as they progress and revolve, represents a personal or collective creative cycle. Because different celestial bodies revolve at different speeds, it often gives us cycles within cycles that together give us a complex and rich story that moves us forward over the course of our lives.

On a weekly basis, we are usually exploring the cycle of the Sun and the Earth which completes in the span of a calendar year – give or take a bit. Of course, we also have longer term celestial influences that affect our global cycles. These longer cycles are embodied in the movement of the slower moving, outer planets.

In this week’s Celestial Weather Report I want to explore the weekly energies but to also focus on the outer planets, most notably Saturn and Jupiter and the crazy little dance that they are doing this week.

When we look at the movement of the planets, we’re looking at a progression of evolutionary themes, each one building on the next until we complete a cycle and we move around the wheel of expansion again.

About once a decade, Jupiter and Saturn occupy the same place on the evolutionary wheel setting the tone for the theme of the decade. This week, Jupiter and Saturn are both lighting up the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation. This is both the energy of old forms dying as well as the fertility of new growth beginning to take shape.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings and expansion but the shadow of Jupiter can be egotistical and greedy.  Saturn is the taskmaster, giving us the discipline and structure we need to work towards expansion and growth but can also be a destructive energy that, when we fail to make the changes necessary, tears everything down to the foundation so we can build anew. Saturn causes us to trim the excess and focus our attention on what we need to do to build the things we’ve been dreaming of.

The energy of evolution in Human Design always pairs momentum with holding back. We can’t evolve without conservatism and conservation. It’s important to make sure that the changes we make are indeed serving the greater good. Evolution forces us to check our transformation against what’s come before to make sure that we’re taking what IS good, what DOES work and what IS meaningful forward with us.

You can’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater in the name of change.

The potential for conflict from those who refuse to change or are afraid of change always goes hand in hand with those who want swift momentous transformation. For aligned transformation and evolution you need both momentum and conservation. You need people who move forward quickly and people who hold back. Both of these energies seek to create balance between the expansion of Jupiter and the ordering and structure that Saturn demands for responsible and sustainable growth.

Jupiter and Saturn combine expansion and potential with the structure and discipline needed to manifest results that are in alignment with your highest values – those that are essential and at the Heart of who you are. 

With this energy we see a paring down to the core and a discovering of sufficiency – what we NEED – and learning to be content with the knowledge that we are fully supported and lacking in nothing.

This entire year has been and will continue to be a dance between the energy of expansion and the need for the discipline to hold steady and do the work required to build something new. There will be those of us who will embrace the momentum and those of us who will hold back and resist. Both roles are important to ensure that we create with deliberation, thoughtfulness and aligned meaning so be gentle with our Divine Siblings who seem tentative and afraid of moving forward into the new.

This week with the New Moon energy on April 22, take some time to ask yourself what you need to leave behind and what you truly desire to carry forward. Make sure fear and resistance aren’t holding you back from taking bold steps forward into the future you desire.

The slower moving outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn give us the “plot outline” energy in the story of our collective evolution. The faster moving celestial bodies such as the Sun and the Earth highlight our personal evolution and give us weekly tasks to further our personal growth and learning.

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 3, the Gate of Innovation, moving into the Gate 27, the Gate of Obligation on Wednesday. Last week we had to bring things to completion before we could move forward with innovation. This week we are innovating for the sake of our values.

We are exploring whether the changes we are making – and have made – are aligned with what we truly value. We begin to implement all that we have learned.

We are learning to care without over-caring, to allow others to assume responsibility for their own challenges and choices, to learn to accept other people’s values and simultaneously not compromising our own. Be mindful this week to not let guilt cause you to compromise what is good and right for you.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 50, the Gate of Nurturing moving to the Gate 28, the Gate of Adventure and Challenge. As we are move towards bringing new values forward and re-evaluating what is truly valuable expect to have your momentum challenged. You might hit a wall of resistance from either inside of yourself or outside of yourself. Embrace this resistance and trust that you are being challenged to make sure that you are really moving in alignment with what you truly want.

We learn more from the hard days than the easy days. This week we will be learning a lot.

This can be a challenging energy. Don’t let struggle and challenge leave you feeling defeated, despairing or like you’re failing. You’re not.

Think of this week as an adventure. Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not right. We’re being invited to struggle to make sure we’re truly moving in the direction we desire.

There’a s lot of potential this week for us to wake up to the truth and to feel shocked and de-stabilized. There’s also a lot of potential for us to embark on the beginning of something entirely new and more deeply aligned with what we truly want in our lives. Stay the course. Keep yourself clear and practice gratitude like the quality of your life depends on it! (Because it kind of does…)

Take good care of yourselves!

From my Heart to Yours,