Human Design Transit Report 5-28-2019

MAY 27, 2018

Hexagram 16 – Enthusiasm

 The willingness to dive in and experiment with an idea.  Versatility.


I allow myself to create and experiment. Experimentation and exploration are a natural part of my creative self and allows me to find the correct pattern for the expression of my talents and my soul’s journey. It is in the relentless pursuit of this journey that I live my joy.

Writing Assignments:

  1. What dreams are beginning to come to fruition? What is your experimentation teaching you? What are you needing to tweak?
  2. What beliefs may be part of creating the manifestation of your experiments? Are there any old beliefs that you need to release?
  3. Can you imagine the full enthusiastic expression of your unique gifts and talents?

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m afraid that I’m not fulfilling my life purpose and I’m wasting my life, I now choose to relax and know that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time to fulfill my destiny and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.