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  1. Nice to see and feel your wonderful enthusiasm for your work again Karen. I love your insights, especially regarding the nodes. I’ve been watching them and taking note of their influence in my life for many weeks and wondering where we go from there. I’m facing some very exciting challenges and it could be so easy to try and power-and-control my way through them. However, I’m thrilled to know I don’t have to do that, and how, in fact, I’ll be more successful if I let go and welcome Divine support! Yay! Thank you Karen!
    Happy New Year!
    Infinite love and blessings,

  2. So affirming! In my morning meditation, before watching this, I kept “getting” — trust and let the universe provide. Surrender, surrender, surrender. It is about taking the step that appears before me. Thanks, Karen

  3. Love the video format. Thank you Karen- your content you provide always over-delivers. And how exciting to believe that we all have so much good stuff to look forward to in January and in 2015.

  4. Hi Karen, you just wrote to me:

    Hi Theresa, Is it working for you now?–
    I apologize for having to contact you via this method; however, the joyful mission email keeps getting bounced back and no, it is still not working for me. It appears some of the other Mac users are having the same issue. In any case, thank you for following up.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      The email issue is a result of my server and Yahoo not getting along to well… 🙂 Can you check the safety setting on your YouTube account? That seems to have been the issue for some of you…

  5. I am a manifestor and just now coming off the roof. When you say to wait ~ to see what the universe has to show us~ I am confused because I thought being a manifestor I am just suppose to jump in there. But I also feel like I am forcing things a lot lately as far as a new relationship especially. A big part of me run away from my feelings~ just went through a transition from a previous relationship to a man I thought I was going to grow old with on many levels. But now looking back I see it wasn’t my true path. I am afraid this current relationship ~ the man is afraid of me. (He is a projector.) I am unsure about my life path and have many questions. I just moved 1,000 from friends and family to live in an area I always wanted to live in~ Boston. Does any of this make sense? Thank you!

  6. Hi Karen!
    I have never had trouble with your videos before- I have struggled with scripts ,etc. for a day now and I cannot watch this . I have Windows 7 and I use Firefox.
    I actually prefer to READ your reports ;^) but I have also enjoyed your videos with no problems until this one!
    Cordially, Colleen

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