Human Design Evolution Report – Another intense week…


Another intense week….

We start the week with the Gate 30, Desire, in the Sun moving to the Gate 55, Abundance on Thursday.  Anything we experience this week will feel big and intense.  The Gate 30, traditionally known as the Clinging Fire, brings intensity to everything we do.  It’s a powerful energy that can really amp things up.

There is a beautiful flow of the creative process in the way the Gates and the planets dance together.  The Gate 30 flows to the Gate 55.  Desire moves to Abundance.  This week spend some times focusing on what you truly week.  We seed the womb of the Universe with this energy.  When the Gate 55 transits, we release our desires and wait, knowing that the true source and cause of manifestation is Spirit.  We get to practice trusting the Universe and all the infinite abundance it has to offer us.

Your dreams will come true, or something even better will manifest.  But you’ve got to stay out of your head with this and drop deep into that emotional place inside of you that trusts the Universe…

The Earth is in the Gate 29, Commitment and following all the excitement of Valentines Day, we are either going deeper or changing the nature of our commitments.  It is good when this energy transits to check in with how committed you are to yourself and your own dreams.

The Earth shifts to the Gate 59, Penetration on Thursday and we have the ability to penetrate others with our ideas and inspirations in order to create connections and resources necessary to create the fulfillment of our dreams.  Pay attention to the people you bump into this week.  They have information, resources or messages for you.  We’re all service as messenger angels for the Divine this week…

Mercury is in the Gate 41, Fantasy, meeting with the 30 for the first part of the week.  We have a lot of creative energy available for us and, again, a nice chance to check in with your intentions for the new year and to see how on track you are.

The one potential red flag with this energy is that it’s energy that is can be quite fantasy driven. It’s easy when we play with this energy to project fantasy and expectation on others.  Make sure your communication is very clear and that all parameters are spelled out.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 36, Chaos, moving to the Gate 25, Love of the Spirit on Thursday.  With the 41/30 defined and the 36 activated, we see a big chunk of a part of the chart called the Experiential Way lit up by the planets.  This is very emotional energy that is charged with fantasy.  Mix those energies with spontaneous action and you get…chaos!

Bottom line:  Wait for clarity before you do something you’ll regret later!!

With the shift to the Gate 25 on Thursday, we’ll be moving from fantasy to deepening our relationship with Spirit…hopefully that doesn’t mean your on your knees praying to undo the mess you made…

On a higher note, we are stretching the story of the human experience, trying new things and having new experiences.  We are being triggered this week to look more deeply to Spirit for answers to everything and, if you have created a little chaos in your world, know that the intention for that energy is to remind you to take your marching orders from Source.

In other words, pray for guidance all week.

Mars is repeating the same energy as Venus.  We start in the Gate 36, Chaos and move to the Gate 25, Love of Spirit on Wednesday.

Here’s the really cool thing about these energies.  I think the planets are giving us a nice invitation to surrender all of our relationships to Spirit to ensure that all of our words and actions are rooted in Love.  Let go.  Ask for guidance.  Set intentions to be the highest expression of Love and see what happens this week!  It could be pretty fantastic!!

The outer planets dance in their steady dance.  No big changes this week.  With Jupiter in the Gate 7, the Role of the Self in Leadership, Saturn in the Gate 34, Power, Uranus in the Gate 21, Control, Neptune in the Gate 37, Harmony, Pluto in the Gate 38, The Fighter and the Nodes in the Gate 48, Depth and 21, Control we are learning how to create sustainable peace and abundance on the planet by activating our own personal power, learning how to more deeply love and accept each other, write new contracts about how we should come together and make agreements and, most importantly, learning how the source of our True Power is the infinite abundance of the Universe and the only way to tap into it is to surrender each and every day….

Have a wonderful week!!








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