Human Design Evolution Report 7-9-2019

JULY 9, 2019

Hexagram 53 – Development

The energy to start (not necessarily finish) things.The energy for expansion.


I wait and start things according to my strategy. I allow for the energy of new beginnings and trust that when I live my strategy, all the key pieces to complete my creative process will magically align.

Writing Assignment:

Stay tuned this week to the energy of new beginnings and starting things. Allow the ideas, revelations, inspirations and spurts of initiation energy to rev up your engines but wait according to your strategy to jump in! Make a list of your new ideas or your renewed inspirations.

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m scared to believe that my big dreams could come true, I now choose to trust the infinite power of the Universe and know that I am never given a dream that can’t be fulfilled.