Human Design Evolution Report 7-6-2020

Sun is transiting through Gate 38 to Gate 53 TODAY

If you work with the energies of this week in an aligned way, you’ll actually have a bit of a breather, or at least a gentle reminder that you are riding the celestial seas. You get to choose what kind of boat you’re using the navigate the waves, but you can’t control the ocean.

We catch the tail end of the Sun’s movement through the Gate 39, the Gate of Recalibration shifting into the Gate 53, the Gate of Starting on Tuesday. The Earth begins the week in the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary moving to the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration on Tuesday.

The Sun’s energy this week inspires us, fills our head with ideas and we are under pressure to quickly get to work turning out thoughts into reality. But, as always, there’s a catch.

We are so conditioned to “do”. We think that when we are inspired that we have to immediately follow through with action, that if we don’t act on an inspiration we’ll lose the opportunity and miss out on manifesting the idea.

Nothing about this energy suggests that it’s time to leap into action. But you do have the potential to feel like you’re all “revved” up with no where to go…

Alignment is the most important creative energy. Alignment happens when you have an idea, use the power of the idea to engage your imagination and savor the possibilities with your mindful creative genius. Your imagination then stimulates your emotional energy and calibrates the magnetic resonance field in your heart and programs the Reticular Activating System in your brain to begin to see possibilities and opportunities in your outer world that match your imaginings in your mind.

If you act before you’ve simmered on the energy of an idea, you run the risk of jumping the gun and trying to force something into the world against Divine Timing. This is a sure prescription for anger, bitterness, frustration, disappointment and, ultimately, burn out.

With the Sun and the Earth revving us up it will be hard to tune into some of the other celestial energies encouraging us to slow down and cultivate alignment. Mercury is still retrograde until Sunday, July 12 making our attempts to try to explain to others what we’re doing seem garbled and confusing.

Mercury finishes its retrograde transit in the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective, an energy that invites us to be still and see the “big picture” before we leap into action and focus our attention and energy. Without this bird’s-eye-view on what’s going on around us, we run the risk of focusing our attention down a “rabbit hole” on something that won’t give us the results we are dreaming of.

Venus adds her little bit to the plot twist. Venus transits the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest, reminding us that zest and enthusiasm are contagious and delightful, but we must first do the “homework”and temper our enthusiasm by making sure we’ve prepared enough for whatever it is we’re trying to do or create. (In other words, align first and make sure you’re ready before you act…)

Mars makes things a little more interesting while it transits the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation, which in its low expression, can be experienced as opinions. Remember that any of the Gates above the Throat Center represent possibilities but not TRUTH. Be mindful of sharing your ideas before you’ve cultivated the faith and alignment. Give yourself the gift to sit with your inspiration quietly, nurture it, grow it but don’t blurt it out to others until you know you’ve got yourself together.

Jupiter and Pluto both in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, meet up with the Energy of Uranus in the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessingscompleting a celestial transit lighting up the entire 61/24, the Channel of Cosmic Perspective. We are under pressure to figure out “why” and what we’re doing. We are thinking – a lot. And if you haven’t given yourself time to think lately, I encourage you to schedule thinking time into your calendar, especially this week.

This is the energy of gnostic knowing. We are given even MORE inspirations with this energy. NONE of this inspiration comes with an instruction manual. We simply know. We don’t know how we know that we know, but we know. Don’t confuse your knowingness with having the answer to how to make your inspiration a reality. Answers don’t come from the Mind.

The mastery of this Channel gives us the ability to see the “big picture” and to find the blessings that only time and perspective brings. We are mastering the ability to “see” the divine nature of experience and to receive knowing insights that have the potential to change our thinking and the way others think and perceive reality.

There is nothing in the transits this week that says now is the time to spring into action. We can not force action. We can only influence Divine Timing by being aligned and making sure our perspective includes an understanding of the unique, vital and irreplaceable role that we all play in the Cosmic Plan.

Our job this week is to continue to consciously cultivate the energy necessary to prepare us for the signal from the world around us that it’s ready for us to fulfill the manifestations of our inspirations. Consciously work on sustaining and maintaining a high frequency of energy by having consistent practices that support faith and positive expectation. Stay dialed in to your outer reality and watch for signs and clues as to the next right step. Know that we are gaining momentum and when the time is right, everything we’re exploring and experiencing with gel into a clear, coherent path forward that is aligned with your energy, the support you need and the timing to make your contribution to the world aligned with maximum power!

Remember the more we align and surrender, the MORE power we cultivate, not less. We are better able to serve and create when we are aligned first and we let the Divine Wisdom of the Universe answer our prayers instead of trying to squeeze our human brains into cultivating the “right” answers.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,