Human Design Evolution Report 7-20-2020

Crafting Your Own Story –

Sun Transiting Gate 56

I hope this Update finds you cultivating a healthy relationship with TIME.

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling like I’ve been running a marathon all year. Trying to balance work, family and my own personal time without a lot of alone time has been an adventure. Add to that the pressure of figuring out the “new normal”, trying to steer a tween through big developmental changes while she’s basically isolated from her friends, managing my parents from a distance…and so much more that I don’t need to list here…

I realized recently that I’ve sacrificed the things that keep me sane – journaling and meditation – to the chopping block of “time”. I started telling myself that I don’t have time to indulge in these “luxuries”. This has resulted in me cultivating a lifestyle that has me leaping out of bed in full-on adrenaline mode at five am every morning, grinding out a couple of hours of work, running to get my daughter breakfast, training on my bike for an hour and then “starting” my actual day.

I lived like this for years when I was a single Mom. I can’t sustain this lifestyle like I used to anymore. I know what alignment feels like now and my entire nervous system is rebelling against the pressure of my open Root Center.

I suspect some of you may be feeling the same way.

This kind of lifestyle is the fast route to burnout, something I teach a lot about. There is a driver underneath this kind of pressure that causes this kind of “push”. For some of us, it’s a part of the soul curriculum in our chart – learning to trust in Divine Timing and surrendering personal Will to Divine Will. For others, we push because we’re trying to “prove” something about our value or we are afraid.

For me, I realize that, as a sixth line Profile, I am terrified of “failing” my mission. I know that we are at a crucial time of change on the planet and I’m anxious about not doing my part to serve the evolving world. This has been a deep fear of mine literally since I was four years old.

I know that many of you relate to this…

You can’t fail your mission if you show up for it every day. Showing up for your mission isn’t about grinding out work. It’s about living in alignment with the frequencies of energy that create peace in the world.

Frenetic, over-adrenalized, burned out people can’t create Peace. They create exhaustion, depletion, and reactive actions.

Here’s the deal. Everyone talks about self-care as the panacea to burnout. Self-care isn’t enough. If you’re going to cultivate aligned, creative, vital action, you have to change the underlying driver – the “why” you do what you do.

My “why” has been tinged with fear and pressure. Turning my driver from fear into inspiration is requiring me to get deeply connected to Source FIRST. I am reminding myself to align with my purpose and mission as the foundation for my creativity and vitality.

I think this process of connecting is deeply personal. We all connect in our own unique ways. My hope for you this week is that you’ll find a personal narrative, a deeper connection and an inspiration that supports you in tapping into a source of energy that goes beyond adrenaline and the use of your will.

You’re not failing your mission. There isn’t anything you have to “do” to complete your mission. The fulfillment of Who You Are – your true life story IS your life purpose, the mission you came here to complete.

I hope that makes you relax a little…

Have a great week!

I feel like my Evolution Reports are on repeat. Same theme. Different week.

I’m at my family’s cabin in the North Woods of Wisconsin. We had a tornado two nights ago that took at a large part of the woods behind the cabin. The electric company was here -literally all night – moving trees that had taken down power lines and blocked the road. We are still out of power. And, because it’s 2020, to make things more interesting, the cabin is suddenly overwhelmed with mice who ran around the kitchen and crawled inside the walls of the cabin all night long.

I’m here with my 11-year-old daughter who has been dealing with emotional overwhelm and loneliness since COVID started. She already struggles with significant anxiety and this situation has amplified her fears. I offered to take her into town and find a hotel there but, as she reminded me, we’re in the midst of a pandemic so here we are….

This is 2020 -the year when nothing goes as planned and we have to “adjust”.

Adjusting isn’t really a big enough word. Adjusting means to move something slightly in order to achieve the desired fit or appearance. For many of us, we’ve been adjusting for a lifetime. We’ve been trying to fit ourselves into places where we don’t quite fit or we’ve worked hard to make ourselves appear to be someone or something we are not.

This year is begging us to STOP – to stop pretending we’re someone we’re not, stop pretending like everything is okay when it isn’t, stop allowing inequitable structures to stand because we don’t know what else to put in their place.

This year is also asking us to find the Grace within the chaos. It is the threads of Grace that we find that build the armature of the new dreams that we are building. We must find the things that ARE working, that DO feel right and aligned, that DO promise to help us find the path to building an equitable, just, sustainable and peaceful world.

The Sun starts the week in the Gate 56, the Gate of Expansion.The Earth is in the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation. The Gate 56 is often referred to as the Gate of the Storyteller. It is through the power of storytelling that we begin the process of exploring new ways to fulfill the potential of our lives.

Gate 56

The Gate 56 teaches us to cultivate the ability to share stories and inspirations that stimulate expansive and possibility-oriented thinking in others for the sake of stimulating powerful emotional energy that creates evolution and growth. Stories open up new possibilities that invite us to look at what patterns do we need to interrupt and shatter.

The Gate 60 reminds us not to throw the “baby out with the bathwater” as we engage in transformation and growth. We have to focus on what is working and protect it as part of the growth process. In its highest expression, this is optimism and delusional confidence that everything is going to be okay as long as we focus on what we’re grateful for.

Gate 60

The New Moon on Monday is also highlighting the Gate 56, inspiring us to explore what old stories do we want to leave behind and where are we getting lost or stuck in stories and narratives that are limiting. Words carry enormous power to put Divine Inspiration into action. This New Moon invites us to explore what stories about our lives and the world do we want to be growing into?

We can’t change the world if we’re holding onto old stories that are not serving our own personal growth and expansion. The world needs you to hold a story that is deserving of you, to expand your personal story into the possibility of truly fulfilling the potential of your life. The Sun and the New Moon invite you to literally re-write your personal story and make sure that it truly reflects who you are and what you want. The power of your story creates a prayer field that initiates the process of exploring what else is possible for your life and, ultimately, for the world.

On Friday, we see a new shift in energy and momentum as the Sun moves into the Gate 31, the Gate of The Leader, and the Earth shifts into the Gate 41, the Gate of Imagination. We begin to take the lead in how we want to organize ourselves around implementing new ideas.Be prepared for new insights and a new path of action to slowly begin to reveal itself.

Relationship energy continues to be a bit dodgy this week.Mercury continues to revisit the Gates it traveled through during retrograde, moving from the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective to the Gate 39, the Gate of the Visionary, further supporting us in crafting a new vision that is worth building and fighting for.

Venus starts in the Gate 35, the Gate of Experience, moving into the Gate 45, the Gate of Dispensation on Thursday, giving us key insights into how we should best share what we have – or not. For many of us this represents key insights into boundary setting. For others, it brings the reminder that a cup that is overflowing is a cup that has more than enough to share.

With Mars in the Gate 21, the Gate of Self-Regulation, completing the Channel of Sustainable Resources with Venus, we will either find new ways to share and manage our resources, or – if we are still healing our personal karma around our self-worth and value, we run the risk of hoards, controlling and fighting over what we have.

Be mindful of how much control is being exerted over you. Remember that we are designed to be sovereign over our own lives. Listen carefully to people who use rhetoric that seeks to shut you down or limit your power. Remember, too, that we can not be sustainable if we don’t also make sure that we ALL have enough.

Reminder – to those who have, more is given – but only if you’re grateful for what you’ve got and if you trust in the flow of sustainable abundance. People who truly value themselves, know that they are worthy of being supported. The blessings of support are intended to be used to, not only sustain yourself, but to increase the blessings of others.

As I write this, I’m freezing cold here in the Northwoods, but I have a sweater. I am drinking cold, instant coffee – but I DO have coffee. I hear my daughter’s deep sleepy breathing and I am grateful for her life and that she has a warm blanket, a soft bed to sleep in and at least temporary respite from her anxiety while she sleeps. I have TWO computers, a phone with emergency “back up” wifi. The loons are calling on the lake and we are safe inside our “extra” house. It is not lost on me how privileged I am and I pray that I use my blessings to increase the blessings of others.

This week let’s continue to build a prayer field that holds the story of sustainable abundance for ALL of humanity and the power for us to make sure that we all have a seat at the table.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,