Human Design Evolution Report 7-14-2020

Human Design Transits are helping us to DREAM

I hope this week finds you cultivating endurance.

One of my students recently asked me what is the difference between being grateful and settling for less than what you want.

Gratitude is a skill set. It is the ability to see the good and the blessings in whatever situation you may find yourself. Settling is letting yourself get comfortable with limiting what you want.

We often settle when we’re tired. The energy that it takes to wait and allow the unfolding of Divine Timing and the work that it takes to lay the foundation for what we really want, is hard to access when you are feeling depleted, defeated and worn out.

Many of us quit when the finish line is in our sight. We think that it’s “good enough” and we relax and forego the final sprint to the finish. When you’re exhausted, that final sprint feels like striving.

Emotional alignment – faith – carries us to the other side of our creative potential, giving us the energy and the magic necessary to build a legacy with our lives. You can’t have emotional alignment without a dream.

It’s been my experience in life that people have shamed and ridiculed me for being a “dreamer”. Even my father, with the best of intentions, tried to get me to be more “realistic” about my life goals. I know he didn’t want me to risk feeling disappointed with my life, so he encouraged me to think small – not big.

Luckily for me, I made it lifetime habit to prove him wrong!

We are at the “hard” part of our current global creative cycle. We are approaching a vital stretch of our collective journey. It’s going to require of us to hold a vision to move forward – to dream of what we truly want – before we can cultivate a strategy to use our current situation as a catalyst for making the world a better place.

This week I encourage you to take stock of your energy. Ask yourself if there is anything in your life that needs to change in order to better support your energy. Our current limited lifestyle might not be affording you the things you used to be able to do for self-renewal. We are having to get creative in finding ways to restock and resource our energy from the confines of our homes and routines that allow for little alone time – or too much alone time – depending on your current circumstances.

Worry is the shadow side of the Gate 62, the Gate of Preparation. The Sun transits the Gate 62 this week, amplifying this theme for many of us. Worry and fear can be extremely depleting, especially in the face of the unknown.

Gate 62

Having a dream and taking time to build the faith to hold the dream is a powerful way to combat worry. We are in a cycle with multitudes of “unknowns”. You may not know the details of how your dream will unfold. Taking the time to really hold the dream in your mind, body and spirit, helps you build a buffer against the worry and the stress of these current times.

The more you can cultivate your dream, the more you have access to the energy of momentum and the capacity to be grateful and to not settle for less.

It might seem “unrealistic” and delusionally confidant, but try it! Having a dream helps call you forward to something better when the going gets tough.

You owe it to yourself and the world to not settle for less than what you really want…

Here’s to your dream and your legacy!

Human Design Evolution Report

This week we begin integrating what we’ve been learning all year. The theme of this week is “We’re in this for the long haul…”

By now we’re realizing that the chaos of this year isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Most of us have been hit on a regular basis with moments of overwhelm, despair and a longing to go back to the way things were.

This cycle we are in calls for us to be resilient, adaptable and most importantly, to hold a vision of where we are headed. It is tempting to want to go back – to grieve over our losses and to feel our personal and collective fear of the unknown.

The planets are clearly informing us that we will not be going back, no matter how much we long to. Going forward is our only option.

The Sun this week starts in the Gate 62, the Gate of Preparation. We are charged with the task of doing what is necessary to be prepared and to trust that our alignment will inform us of everything we need and what we need to do next.

The Sun urges us to relax and know that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it. Preparation has two key elements, cultivating the right energy to align with the possibility of joyful and sustainable momentum and taking the steps that are presented to us when they show up. To do both of these things, we must have courage and not let our fear keep us from trusting and taking right action when we get the call.

The Earth this week is in the Gate 61, as are Jupiter and Pluto.The Gate 61, in Quantum Human Design, is called the Gate of Wonder. We are playing with the theme of this Gate all year. This energy is teaching us to see purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of our daily experiences. We are mastering the ability to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence as a way of sustaining powerful creativity and, ultimately, finding the answers to our current challenges.

Gate 61

It’s frustrating right now because so much of the energy of the planets points to letting the pieces all fall into place while you watch and integrate. There is not a lot of energy that supports momentum and “doing”. It’s a time of graceful allowing while we witness a profound cycle of disintegration that sets the stage for growth and action – a little later down the road.

We are experiencing the end of an era. The changes and shifts we are witnessing are necessary to make room for the growth and expansion that promises to redefine our world. For many of us, we are simply holding space for what’s next. We’re anchoring the energy and giving voice to what needs to change and the language to define what we dream of experiencing next.

These are not the only steps to transforming the world. But they are the only things we can do right now. Keep speaking the truth and keep pointing out where things are not in alignment with equity, justice, sustainability and peace. As systems and infrastructures continue to fall apart, take the time to deliberately craft a vision of what we want to build in the world.

Eventually, the next right steps – the next actions we must take – will reveal themselves.

Evolution takes time. We can’t push against divine timing or we’ll burn out and struggle to adapt, causing us to settle for less than what we want because we’ll be too tired to endure.

Mercury went direct on July 12, giving us a chance to review what we’ve learned this year. This Mercury retrograde cycle has encouraged us to look closely at what might be holding us back from cultivating a mindset of faith. Where have we been blocking ourselves from believing we can create what we want and need, both personally and collectively? This energy has had the potential to be provocative and make us uncomfortable.This discomfort is leading to growth.

These past few weeks required us to look first at ourselves and where we may be out of alignment with the potential for personal abundance – and abundance for everyone. Overwhelm, lack and panic as a result of fear have been the shadow side of this energy. We’ve been provoked and challenged by others. Hopefully, we’ve learned to accept responsibility for our own inner alignment with sufficiency – and having enough to share.

No one can align you with faith or abundance except yourself. That means we continue to do our inner work healing our personal and collective self-worth trauma. When you believe you are enough, it’s easier to create enough and to share what you have without fear of limitation or lack.

With the Earth, Jupiter and Pluto in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder and Uranus transiting the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings, we are learning to be adaptable, but defining the difference between accepting and being grateful for what is versus settling for less than what we want.

It’s easy to settle. It takes energy to keep moving towards what you want. To go beyond settling, we must have endurance.

The bottom line? Take life on a day by day basis right now. Take stock, at the end of the day, of all that is right and good in your life. Don’t try to over-control. Surrender and allow things to fall apart, as they must. Keep nurturing yourself. Find strategies to stay in joy on a daily basis. Gratitude goes a long way to keeping your attitude in alignment with creative possibilities. Keep envisioning what’s next.

Stay in a state of wonder and keep being delusionally confident. We’re going to get through this together…in due time…

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,