Human Design Evolution Report 4-13-2020

We start this week with the perfect configuration for spring cleaning!

With the Sun in the Gate 42, the Gate of Conclusion and the Earth in the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance, we find the energy to prepare for what’s next by tying up loose strings and finishing old projects that are keeping us from taking the next steps forward with our momentum.

Timing is the one thing we can not control as humans. We are subject to Divine Timing. As much as we may gnash our teeth and protest the pace of Divine Timing, when we don’t work in harmony with Divine Timing, we run the risk of burning ourselves out pushing against something we have no control over.

We DO, however, have the ability to INFLUENCE Divine Timing. All of the Gates of the Root Center and their electromagnetic companions give us a code to influence timing and help us get ready to “strike” when the time is right.

The Channel 53/42, the Channel of Completion, gives us the drive to start and finish something. Not all things that are started need to be finished. It’s also not your job to start everything. But it is our job to make sure that the things that are occupying our attention, energy and time are brought to a conclusion so that we can free up our energy to devote to laying the groundwork for what’s next.

This week the Sun invites us to explore if there is anything that we need to finish or any project that we’ve been avoiding that is taking up too much attention and energy in our lives. Those things you haven’t done, that you know you should do, that you keep putting off…. Even if you pretend like you’re not paying attention to them, they are still taking up space and the Universe knows not to send you anything else because you don’t have the “space” for something new in your life.

Maybe it’s not Divine Timing that’s the problem but our readiness…

On Thursday the Sun moves into the Gate 3, the Gate of Innovation, and the Earth moves into the Gate 50, the Gate of Nurturing, putting the focus on using our “readiness” to innovate and to realign our values. We’re being invited to change our values to better support ourselves and our ability to take care of others, once our own “cup” is full.

We can’t innovate if we are dragging the things we didn’t complete behind us. With the pressure we’re all feeling to “figure out” what’s next for ourselves, we will not experience clarity until we release and finish up the old circumstances and situations from the past that keep us stuck and paralyzed.

In other words, clean house this week – your “inside” house and your “outside” house.

Relationship energy is a little dodgy this week putting us under pressure to find ways to get along. We’re sensitive and enthusiastic. Some of us may be “too much” for those of us who have big feelings and tender hearts. Curb your enthusiasm might be a good mantra to explore this week. And be mindful that some of what we might need to “bring to conclusion” are old habits or hurts that need to be aired in our more intimate partnerships before we can move forward and grow.

“Right” relationships and mutual support are also elements that influence timing. We all do better when we all do better. Be sensitive to the needs of your loved ones this week. We accelerate the speed of our growth when we are supported and feel loved.

Remember, the overarching theme of this cycle we are in is to discover how self-love creates the foundation for an expansion of our compassion and our empathy for our fellow Divine Siblings. Don’t let yourself justify or rationalize staying stuck in old patterns that don’t serve you.

Get ‘er done!

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,