Human Design Evolution Report 3-9-2020

Sorry – no video Evolution Report this week. I don’t want to frighten small animals and children with my appearance….

What a creative, fun week ahead!!!

There’s magic in the air and the planets are blessing us with the ability to plant the seeds of our intentions in the soil of our minds.

I’m going to break this week’s Evolution Report into sections.

Section One: The Sun and the Earth

The Sun starts the week in the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender and the Earth begins the week in the Gate 47, the Gate of Mindset.

There is so much magic in the Gate 22. The Gate 22 brings us the grace to know that we are fully supported by the Universal flow of abundance and when we pursue our passion and our unique contribution to the world. The Gate 22 teaches us to trust that we will be given what we need when we need it in order to make our unique contribution to the world.

It’s coupled with the Gate 47, the Gate of Mindset which, in its low expression, puts pressure on our minds to figure out “how” something is going to happen.

Last week we got inspired with the Gates 63 and 64 transiting by the Sun and the Earth. Our natural inclination is to try to put our brains squarely behind our inspirations. The challenge with this is that we often limit what we allow ourselves to create because, if we can’t figure it out with our human minds, we give up and start believing that our inspirations are “impossible”.

The Gate 22, invites us to rethink our limitations. We see, in the flow of creative energy that the Gate 22 brings, that our emotional excitement and faith – our anticipation that our prayers will be answered – allows us to rest and surrender in preparation for the inevitable epiphany that will reveal to us the next right step in manifesting our inspiration into form.

Keep dreaming big this week. But don’t fight hard for the answers.

Instead, fight hard to maintain and sustain a faith-filled mindset that allows you to relax and surrender with the knowingness that the Universe will let you know what the next step is to manifesting your ideas and when to take that next right step.

Section Two: Full Moon in the Gate 47

The full moon on March 9, brings us the same theme as the Sun and the Earth. This is a Virgo full moon, asking us to clean up our “stinking thinking” and to trust in the divine feminine flow of our creative mind. What do you need to let go of to allow yourself to dream beyond what your mind is letting you think is “possible”? What old thought patterns do you need to clean up to open your mind to new possibilities and potentials?

Section Three:Mercury goes direct on March 10

Mercury begins its direct position on Tuesday in the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion. This energy is ALSO a part of our creative power. In the Human Design chart, the Gate 30 is the passion – the fire- to sustain a vision until it manifests, even if you don’t see any proof of it coming into form yet.

Mercury begins its momentum by inviting us to hook into our passion and our dreams in order to create what we want.

Truly the hard work of creating is not so much in the physical labor, but in sustaining the emotional frequency that allows us to stay rooted in the power of our intentions. Consistency and practice pay off when we know how to maintain our creative power.

Part Four:Venus and Mars settle down

Venus moves into the Gate 27, the Gate of Accountability, shifting to the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings on Thursday. Mars stays in the Gate 54, the Gate of Divine Inspiration, causing us to feel more nurtured, responsible and blessed in our partnerships. We are holding space, not only for our own dreams, but for the dreams of others and we dance this week with the magic of learning to lovingly hold space for each other as we watch each other grow.

Part Five:Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

Both Jupiter and Pluto transit the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. Jupiter is the planet of blessings and expansion. Pluto makes things seem magnified. When we put the two together, our sense of Wonder becomes the expansive force that causes our growth and evolution. (Weird fact:The microscope and the telescope were both “discovered” during a Pluto conjunct Jupiter transit.)

We are looking at our life under a lens and carefully exploring what we need to root out to keep our perspective clear, deliberate and expansive. This is a cycle of powerful opening and I encourage you to really seed the Quantum Field with your deepest desires this week and to maintain and state of awe and wonder with everything you encounter!

Bottom line?

Dream big. Keep the garden of your dreams clear of weeds. Get a little crazy with your intentions. Stretch yourself and see how much faith you can cultivate and maintain. Explore your relationship with the Divine. Love each other madly and cheer each other on when you see your Divine Siblings stretch beyond their perceived limitations.

Stay in awe of everything in your life!

Have a wonderful week!


I am a global change agent. I am inspired with passions that serve the purpose of transforming the world. I trust that my emotions and my passion will align me with faith and the flow of resources I need to fulfill my life purpose. When I let go and follow my passion, I am given everything I need to change the world.