Human Design Evolution Report 3-5-2019

Human Design Evolution Report for March 4, 2019

Hexagram 63 – Questioning

The power to use inquiry to think about new possibilities and to test out new theories.


I trust myself. I trust the Divine. I trust that there is perfection in experimentation. I trust my insight and knowingness. I am discerning but not doubtful. I know that all questions have answers. I trust in the elegant solution and know that the answer will be mine in time and all is well.

Writing Assignments:

  1. What experiences have I had that have caused me to doubt myself? What experiences have I had that have shown me that my inner knowingness is correct? What are my gifts, my strengths and my talents? Where have I demonstrated mastery and what do I need to do to release my self-doubt?
  2. Do I trust in Divine Order? Can I see that everything has a purpose? What mistakes have I witnessed that ultimately created a path to perfection and mastery? What do I need to do to forgive the mistakes? What do I need to do to integrate mistakes as a crucial part of mastery?

EFT Setup:

Even though I struggle with trusting myself, I now choose to relax and know that I know.  I listen to my intuition.  I abandon logic and let my Higher Knowing anchor my spirit in trust and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.