Human Design Evolution Report 3-29-2020


I want to lovingly and gently remind you that this year is a year with the theme of disruption. During this year Jupiter and Pluto are doing a celestial dance that promises to activate the potential for vast wealth, abundance, growth and expansion, both personally and collectively. With this energy we find ourselves redefining abundance and bringing our wealth into harmony with equability and our faith.

We will redefine what makes us “wealthy” and deepen our embrace of the energy of well-being as the currency of this new age.

Saturn and Pluto bring us changes in the distribution of power creating profound new understandings in the scientific fields of genetics, physics and quantum mechanics. This particular aspect has astrologers a little freaked out but I believe that as long as we are prepared and remember Who We Truly Are, this shakeup promises to bring things back into alignment with integrity.

Saturn and Jupiter change from Earth energy to Air energy which can mark a significant shift in consciousness. We will be moving away from fossil fuels and cultivating new technology that is sustainable and clean. We will change our relationship with material gain and begin to share the resources of the world in such a way that reflects the value of every human being, regardless of age, race or religion. Barriers between people and nations will break down and people will begin to see themselves as One and as integral parts of all of Creation.

You were made for this time. Every single breath you’ve taken has prepared you to honor the call of your soul and to serve as a guide for others.

The work you do on a personal level is a microcosm of the macrocosm of collective change. You are being invited by the planets to explore your relationship with your abundance, faith and power. The planets help you to remember that you are powerful, abundant and valuable simply because you exist. Your role this year is to erase old programming that may have caused you to forget Who You Truly Are.

Which brings me to the energy of this week…

Keep the week in context of the whole so that this slew of dodgy transits doesn’t cause you to slide into despair…

The first element that we’ll explore is the Nodes. The Nodes represent the “plot outline”, what we’re learning in this cycle of growth. The Nodal themes shifted last Tuesday with the New Moon, from the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective and the Gate 58, the Joy of Mastery, to the South Node in the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love and the North Node in the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion.

We started off our pandemic “adventure” with the willingness to see it as something that could deepen our joy. We enjoyed being home, hanging out in our PJ’s, playing with our Nintendo Switch for hours on end…. Now reality is setting in. Things are changing and we may not go back to “normal”. What we think of as “normal” is being redefined and we are in the Void. We don’t know who we are and we don’t know who we’ll become. We’re integrating and grieving.

This Nodal shift has the potential to be difficult. The Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love, can – in it’s low expression – be experienced as lack of self-love, victimhood and blaming. We want to make sense of what’s happening so we’re looking for someone to pin it on.

But this energy is a profound teacher of self-empowerment. When we stop defining ourselves as victims and we find a way to control the things we can influence, we expand on the energy of love and move from blaming to compassion in the Gate 15. Our own self-love allows us to serve from a well of compassion in a sustainable and empowering way.

The week starts with the Sun in the Gate 21, Self-Regulation until Saturday when it moves into the Gate 51, the Gate of initiation. Both of these energies are rooted on the Will Center, our energy Center for our sense of value and self-worth. We are in a massive cycle of re-evaluating what is truly valuable. We must heal our own self-worth in order to be resilient during this cycle of disruption that we are in.

If we are struggling with any pain or trauma that is causing us to de-value ourselves or block our ability to see the value of others, we run the risk of depleting our own energy and burning ourselves out. We also run the risk of creating from a place of desperation and lack versus staying in alignment with sustainability and sufficiency.

Being generous with yourself and using this cycle to explore the bigger meaning and purpose of your life and your life experiences helps call us forward towards the fulfillment of who we are and our purpose. This energy allows us to use our life and our life story to better serve, not only ourselves, but each other.

This energy also encourages us to be disciplined in our approach to our isolation. It’s tempting to let go and let life slide but now it not the time to be sloppy. We must be disciplined with our energy, our resources, our moral integrity, our physical well-being and staying true to ourselves.

When the Sun moves into the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, we begin to integrate the shock of our experience and turn towards a bigger meaning and purpose to keep us aligned with what our next right step is. (More about that next week.)

The Earth begins the week in the Gate 48, the Gate of Wisdom moving to the the Gate 57, the Gate of Instinct on Saturday. Both of these Gates are rooted in the Spleen Center, the energy center for instinct and survival.

Both of these Gates have the potential to create the energy of fear. The Gate 48 can be experienced as the fear of inadequacy. The Gate 57 can be experienced as the fear of the future.

Remember, the Sun is what we are here to give to the world. The Earth represents what we need to feel grounded and strong. If we let fear consume us, we will fail to regulate ourselves and our resources and create shock and chaos. If we align with the awareness that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it and we trust that we are being guided forward by an unseen loving force, then we’ll meet the challenges ahead with confidence and compassion.

Don’t let fear cloud your perspective and cause you to react. This is a time to create with great intention and deliberation.

It is natural to fear the unknown, especially when the pattern of what we thought we knew has been so disrupted. This is an important time to discover what you need to do to trust your own knowing. Do you need to meditate, move your body, pray, journal, take nice long baths?

Creativity and play lowers our cortisol stress response and elevates our dopamine and cortisol levels, making us feel good and help us make quantum creative leaps over our conditioning field and tap into new and elegant solutions to the challenges ahead.

Our intuition is heightened right now. Don’t let self-doubt and fear blind you to the answers in front of you. You don’t have to figure things out. The answers you need will present themselves to you if you stay relaxed and connected.

Make sure you’re not reacting to old traumas. Keep doing your inner work. Connect with Source in whatever way works for you and know that your connection is your lifeline to Truth.

Speaking of Truth…we are in a marathon, not a sprint. I believe that we will be dealing with this virus – with a little respite in the summer – for the rest of the year.

Don’t let that discourage you. The promise of a giant abundant shift of consciousness in the way in which the world works is at hand. In the end, we’ll see all the good that comes of this.

But in the meantime, pace yourself as we go through this.

Life is long. Someday this will be behind us and we’ll emerge with a new set of values in place and we be able get to work creating sustainably, equitably and peacefully…