Human Design Evolution Report 3-2-2020

Sun transitting the Gate 63 – Gate of Curiosity

Last week when I posted information about the planetary transits on Facebook, someone asked me if there was ever going to be a “good” week?

Every week has the potential to be “good” or “bad” depending on how you work with the energy. When we are looking at the planetary transits, we are looking at archetypes – themes – that are highlighted by the planets for the week.

You always have a choice over how you work with the themes for the week. When I highlight the potential of the transits for the week, I am often throwing a cautionary flag on the play simply because we are very well-trained to look for the challenges and to slide down the slippery slope of lack and victimhood. It can feel pretty natural to go to the doom and gloom expression of the energy of the week.

In truth, every week brings you the full possibility of joy, expansion, growth, evolution and more! When you are aware, you gain control over how you’re going to work with the themes of the week. You decide if you’re going to be empowered or disempowered, abundant of lacking, self-loving or victimized…

On to the themes of this week….

This week we start with the Sun in the Gate 63, the Gate of Curiosity and the Earth in the Gate 64, the Gate of Divine Transference. In traditional Human Design these Gates are called the Gate of Doubt and the Gate of Confusion, respectively.

Certainly these two energies can create the potential for Doubt and Confusion. They are both located in the Head Center – a pressure center – and can put us under pressure to try to figure things out and when we can’t, experience doubt and confusion.

Here’s the kicker. We’re not designed to “figure things out”. We are players in a cosmic reality that is creating through us. There is a Divine Mind, God, Quantum Field – what ever you need to call it to feel good about it – that we are swimming in, that is filled with an infinite pool of solutions to the challenges facing your life – facing humanity – right now.

We don’t “figure out” the answers to our life by thinking them. We attract the solutions to our challenges by asking good questions and then letting the answers show up in our world.

The Gates of the Head Center are associated with the pineal gland, often referred to as the “third eye”. This is a gland that connect us to time, the circadian rhythm and is calibrated by light and dark. The pineal gland actually has rods and cones in it just like our physical eyes.

It’s also the gland that, in many spiritual traditions is associated with intuition or spiritual “sight”.

The pineal gland and the Gates of the Head Center are our interface with the Divine, where we “plug in” to the bigger picture of the meaning of our life – cosmic perspective. We’ve been playing with Pluto transiting the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder all year, giving us a bigger picture of our right place in the cosmic plan.

All of the Head Gates, the Gates 61, 63 and 64, have at their base questioning. The Gate 61 asks the question “Why?”. The Gate 63 asks the question “What?”. The Gate 64 asks the question “How?”.

The most significant thing to notice about this fact is that the interface between our human story and the cosmic plan happens when we ask questions, NOT when we tell the Universe the answer.

Many religions teach that when you “ask”, it is given. When we look at the mechanics of prayer we see that we are designed to ask for help, ask for answers, ask for insights, rather than to dictate to the Divine what we want. This puts us in partnership with the Divine in a humble and wise way.

Remember, human mind is pretty teeny tiny compared to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. Who would you rather have answering your questions???

We see, with all three of these energies in the planetary transits this week, a tremendous potential for creative expansion and answers to our prayers when we ask for what we need and we use our power of asking to seed our imaginations and to attract into our experience things that match our dreams.

With so much manipulation of “truth” in the media and in the immediacy of the digital world, it’s easy to get lost in doubt, self-doubt, confusion and fear. Take some time this week to respond to your reality by asking good, creative questions such as:

  • Is it True? (Gate 63)
  • What is Your Story (how do you feel) around the situation? Do you trust enough to let the answer reveal itself to you? (Gate 64)
  • Why? (What is the bigger picture?Gate 61)

You can also use these questions as prayers. Explore your desires. Keep them open-ended. Remember you don’t have to have the answer, just the questions.

Engage with the world with curiosity and wonder. You are exploring the possibilities of the Universe. You don’t have the answers. Just the questions.  Allow yourself to discover the next step by being present to your life…. Pay attention to how the answers feel. Follow the ones that feel good.

Here are some sample templates for good, creative questions:

  • What would it take for ……. ?
  • How can I consistently……..?
  • What do I need to do in order to create……?
  • What is keeping me from……..?
  • What needs to happen for me to become clear….?

There’s a lot of tension this week with Mars in the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary. We are learning what’s worth fighting for and committing to. Don’t let the pressure and the tension cause you to retreat with suspicion and confusion. Ask good questions and trust that the answers we seek, personally and collectively will be revealed.

We have the potential with Mercury in the Gate 3, the Gate of Innovation and Jupiter in the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation to find the innovative answers to the challenges facing us if we ask the right questions and imagine the most abundant outcome possible.

Have a great week!