Human Design Evolution Report 3-16-2020

What an interesting few days we’ve had!

The Sun starts this week in the Gate 36 which, in traditional Human Design, is called the Gate of Chaos and Crisis. In Quantum Human Design, we call the Gate 36 the Gate of Exploration.

This Gate has the potential to create chaos and crisis resulting from not waiting for the right timing and emotional alignment before leaping into action. The low expression of this Gate happens when we fail to prepare, we jump before we look and we leap with great intensity into a situation that is not supported or sustainable because we didn’t do our “homework”. It’s reactivity in its lowest manifestation.

But this Gate also brings to us a different possibility. This is a Gate that is rooted in the Sensing Circuit, the circuit of the right side of the brain (our emotional, feminine way of understanding information). The Sensing Circuit is NOT logical – meaning it’s not about patterns and predicting. It’s not about things falling into place they way they did “before”. There is no “before” in the Sensing Circuit. It’s experiential and new. We are experiencing something new that, because it defies logic, brings with it the potential for miracles and pattern-busting opportunities.

The Gate 36 gives us the ability to hold a vision and sustain it with an aligned frequency of emotional energy and to bring the vision into form when the timing is right. It’s the ability to stretch the boundaries of the story of Humanity by breaking patterns. We create miracles through emotional alignment.

The Earth grounds us in the Gate 6, the Gate of Impact. We are grounded when we use our ability to master emotional energy and learn to trust that our impact is in service to the world.

When you understand that your life is a vehicle for service and your energy is being used to influence and impact those around you, you assume greater obligation and responsibility to maintaining a high frequency of energy. The quality of the emotional energy you cultivate influences others to come together in an equitable, sustainable and peaceful way, learning to trust that your words and impact will have effect when the timing is correct and you’re not overriding Divine Timing.

The low expression of the Gate 6 creates desperation, emotional reactivity and scarcity thinking.All things we’ve witnessed.

Luckily we always have a choice!

We’ve got a couple more days until we adjust to the new normal. I gently suggest that you do your best to hunker down for a few weeks. The Sun is telling us to prepare and to stay out of fear. This is emotional energy, energy that calibrates what we create. Fear is in the spleen, not the solar plexus. Emotional energy always brings with it the potential to be deliberate instead of reactive.

By Wednesday we see a shift. We’re adjusting as the Sun moves into the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit and the Earth is in the Gate 46, the Gate of Embodiment. We are in the middle of one of the four Creative Quarters in the Human Design year. Every Quarter has, in the middle, a variation of the Cross of the Vessel of Love. As we create, we are invited to make sure that we are calibrating ourselves and our creations with Love.

With the Sun in the Gate 25, we are learning to trust the Divine Order in all of our lives. We are learning to connect with Source as the path to creating well-being and healing. Remember that your life serves an irreplaceable role in the Cosmic Plan and to honor that role and to live from it.

In other words, hunker down and re-connect with Source. This is a great time to revive and re-establish your spiritual practice. Start with the simple things like greeting the day with appreciation and gratitude for your life or making a list of what you’re grateful for.

The Earth in the Gate 46 encourages us to recognize that the body is the vehicle for the soul and to love the body as a vital element of the soul’s expression in life. It’s time to nurture, be grounded in and fully care for the body, to savor the physicality of the human experience.

In other words, take care of your body and your soul with Love.

Mercury in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, encourages us to communicate with each other in a way that sustains our faith in a good outcome for all.

Venus moves from the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings to the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing, supporting us in taking stock of all the good that we have and encouraging us to give and receive from each other.

At the end of the week, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will be in the Gate 61, giving us an energy of extreme magnification – extreme potential for expansion. This powerful configuration gives us the power to harness our faith to manifest in a big way. This is a time to use our strength, not our fear, to create what we want. We can unify ourselves in a massive way when this energy is at play.

At the heart of all of this, the Nodes are holding a template for the story of our evolution. The North Node in the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective is adding to the big picture view that the Gate 61 is bringing us. The South Node in the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery, is helping us to harness the joy of mastery and refine our practice until we reach fulfillment of our potential and to live in the flow of Joy.

As always, we have a choice. We can pull back, resist, be fearful and overwhelmed or we can welcome this important “pause” in our lives and see it as a powerful point of re-calibration, a way to clarify what is truly valuable in our lives and to craft a life that reflects this new perspective.

May you and your Loved Ones continue to experience health and resiliency!