Human Design Evolution Report 3-12-2019

Hexagram 22 – Grace

Surrender. Letting go and trusting that you will have all the resources you need to give what you seek to share with the world.


I trust that when I let go and surrender to the Divine, I will be provided with all of the resources that I need to give service to the world.  My words, my actions and my energy transform those around me.  When I stay in a state of positive expectation and trust, I am fully supported.  Others look to me as a model of faith.

Writing Exercises:

  1. When faced with the emotional energy and drama of others what is my strategy to allow and be aware? What are my strategies for detaching?
  2. What am I here to share with the world? What are my gifts and blessings?  How deeply do I trust in the abundance and support of Spirit?  How can I deepen my trust?
  3. Where do I create drama? How do I feel about my own emotional energy? Do I like it or do I avoid it? Do I wait for clarity or do I jump in and clean up afterwards?

EFT Setup:

Even though it’s hard to trust myself, I now choose to trust myself anyway and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Hexagram 36 – Exploring

The energy to push beyond the limits of the current human story in order to shift the ideas about what we think is possible.


I embrace the new. I watch and wait. I trust my intuition and my strategy knowing that I make clear, intentional choices. My actions are in alignment with my intentions and my

desires. I am the eye of the storm. My head is clear, my heart is aligned and I only act for my highest good. I am immune to the appearances of my outer reality and I know that I am on my way to creating what I intend. My beliefs are unwavering and I am not swayed by outer circumstances. I trust in Divine Order

Writing Assignment:

What is your strategy for coping with unexpected events, chaos and tragedy? How strong is your connection to Source? What do you need to do to strengthen it?

EFT Setup:

Even though it’s scary to be out of my comfort zone, I now choose to push myself into something new and more aligned with my Truth and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.