Human Design Evolution Report 2-26-2019

FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Hexagram: 37 Harmony

The ability to stabilize relationships and the energy to find a peaceful and fair outcome.


After the storm there is always calm. It is in the quietness that follows shift and change that I remember my bearings, breathe deep and realign my relationships with what is new. All agreements I make are clear and created with peace as the end goal. From the remnants

of the past, I discover the blessings and I work with my friends, my family, my tribe, my community and my world to co-create a mutually respectful and deeply honoring peace. Peace is within me. I am peace. I breathe peace. I create peace and all is well.

Writing Assignment:

  1. What areas of your life are in need of peace right now? How can you create a lifestyle that is more peaceful? Commit to five peace-enhancing activities to do for yourself today.
  2. What new kinds of agreements do you need to make with your partners? Are your agreements with your partner clear? Do all parties in your agreements have the same expectations? Are there any clarifying conversations you need to have to deepen the awareness and clarity of your agreements?

Spend some time just hanging out and being peaceful with your loved ones this week!

EFT Setup:

Even though sometimes its hard to wait for the right time, I patiently trust that when the time is right, I’ll take the right action to create harmony in my life and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.