Human Design Evolution Report 2-24-2020

I can finally say that we are getting a break in the clouds of the celestial weather this week!

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith moving to the Gate 37, the Gate of Harmony on Tuesday.

The Earth starts off in the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability, moving to the Gate 40, the Gate of Restoration on Tuesday.

We begin the week continuing with building our faith “muscle”. This goes hand in hand with Sundays New Moon in the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith, inviting us to set our intentions, hold the vision and trust that, even if we can’t see what we’re creating yet, it’s already on it’s way into our reality.

On Tuesday, the Sun continues to dance gracefully with the Earth completing the Channel 37/40, the Channel of Sustainable Agreements. This energy brings us the Will Power to sustain ourselves and our relationships.

We all have, by Design, access to Will Power. Will Power gives us the energy to endure and sustain ourselves. It’s also the energy that defines our sense of value and self-worth.

Will Power isn’t consistent like some of the other energies in the Human Design chart. It’s not an energy that most of us can just call on and exert. It has to be cultivated.

The Will Center, the source of Will Power, is kind of like a bank. When we put deposits of self-worth, self-care, material resources, connection to Source (Re-Sources) and alignment (integrity) into our bank account then we have the will to make good, sustainable and enduring agreements that give us access to more resources and increase, ultimately, our ability to share what we have with others.

With the energy of the Sun and the Earth transiting the Channel 37/40, the Channel of Sustainable Agreements, we are continuing to revisit our relationship agreements and to renegotiate those agreements that no longer reflect our value. Healthy relationship agreements lead to resources – including the resources of community and connection, support and intimacy.

This energy also gives us the energy to endure the negotiation process. Great relationships are a result of being able to hold true to the long-term vision of the value of the relationship while you work through the daily agreements of how to make the relationship work. This is a powerful week to take stock of where you want to take your relationships and how you’d like to grow and flourish.

Your relationship with your Self is the crucial foundation of all of your relationships. You can’t build a strong partnership or make healthy relationship agreements if your own energy supply or your self-worth are depleted. When we neglect to make deposits into our own Will Center “bank” we often expect our partners or friends to fill our account for us.

This results in disappointment, projection and even bitterness if our loved ones fail to psychically “read” the level of our energy. It’s your job to ask for what you want and need and to take care of yourself – first – so that you can be a better partner.

That being said, all long-term relationships will have cycles that will involve one partner giving more than the other. Make sure, if you’re feeling resentful, to take a long-term view on what’s happening in your relationship. This energy invites us to take a bigger perspective on what’s necessary to sustain the relationship.Sometimes it’s not your partner who is the problem, but rather your own need for respite and self-care.

This same energy also rules legal agreements and contracts. Be extra careful with contracts and agreements this week. Take your time to really feel into whether you are getting what you want or whether you are compromising.Think “win-win” and then keep working away at crafting agreements that work for everyone involved.

Our relationship sector eases this week bringing us the energy to finally finish what we’ve been working on together and to bring projects to completion. With Mars moving into the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery, we see a lightening of some of the tensions we’ve been experiencing.

A nice respite before we go to the mat again next week.

The outer planets continue to encourage us to take a long-term view on everything we’re working on creating, to stay in gratitude, to notice what IS working and to take responsibility for our own role in creating what we want in our lives and in our relationships.

This is a great week for some good, honest conversations with those we love. Love yourself and take care of yourself first before you handle what needs to be handled in your agreements.

Have a wonderful week!