Human Design Evolution Report 2-17-2020

What we do this week sets the tone for our first Mercury Retrograde cycle of 2020. Mercury goes retrograde on February 17 until March 10. This Mercury Retrograde Cycle is a powerful time to go inward and explore the nature of your agreements with yourself and others.

The Sun sets us up nicely for this energy this week as we prepare to hunker down and be very, very deliberate with what we say and the agreements we make or break.

The Sun starts this week in the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion, moving to the Gate 55, the Gate of Faith on Wednesday. We are being invited to hold visions of what we truly want in our life and to explore how much we trust in our support and in the fulfillment of our passions.

With the Earth in the Gate 29, the Gate of Devotion, moving to the Gate 59, the Gate of Sustainability, we experience a deep need to devote our energy to something that is truly meaningful in order for us to cultivate the drive and the energy to sustain, endure and do the “work” of staying true to our dream for what we want for our lives.

The energy of Faith, the Gate 55 in Human Design, is a very important Gate to be mindful of. Anytime it shows up in the celestial weather, we are being given the opportunity to grow our faith “muscle”. This Gate represents the energy of Quantum Creativity. We learn from the energy of the Gate 55 that our emotional alignment – literally our faith and positive expectation – is the most important ingredient – in creating sustainable and sufficiently in the world.

The Gate 55 promises that, as long as we trust in sufficiency so deeply we’re able to create without limitation.

Seeing as we’re moving towards mastering the ability to create sustainably and sufficiently for all the world, mastering this lesson is crucial, not only for our personal well-being, but as a vital tool that will help us create well-being for all sentient beings on the planet.

The ability to create a sustainable world isn’t just about dreaming. We have to also do the third dimensional work of making this world an equitable, sustainable and peaceful place. This Mercury Retrograde creates a powerful exploration around our agreements and what we need to do to maintain good agreements that supported the sharing of resources.

Mercury always tests us – invites us to slow down and be conscious and deliberate. This particular cycle is all about re-evaluating and re-negotiating all of our “contracts”, Are the agreements that you’ve made in your relationships still valid? Are they working for you? Do you need to change the rule of engagement?

With this energy,be extra mindful of the role of fantasy in your agreements. Sometimes, especially when we doubt our own value or when we have failed to sustain our own energy, we project agreements onto others.We have expectations that others will fill our own sense of value or take care of us – or the details of our life – when we have failed to do it for ourselves.

The most important thing to take into any “negotiation” is a strong sense of your own value. This is a vital time to explore whether your agreements have violated your sense of value. If so, what do you need to change to bring your agreements back into harmony with your value and the value of the others in the partnership?

The keys to surviving these important energies?

  • Don’t compromise on what you really want. Work towards a win-win agreement.
  • Cultivate a practice of building faith and trusting in your support. Gratitude is a great way to deepen your faith.
  • Make sure your sense of self-worth is strong and set good, clear boundaries and expectations in your agreements.
  • Devote yourself to what is truly meaningful in your life.
  • Commit with all of your heart to doing the work necessary to build a sustainable life rooted in well-being.
  • Set aside time each day during this cycle to envision, not only an amazing life for yourself, but an equitable, sustainable world for all.
  • Be very, very deliberate with communication and always keep the end goal in mind,

Mars and Venus continue to be dodgy, bringing us the potential for feeling controlled, shocked or blamed. Be mindful that you also have the potential to be controlling, shocking or blaming.(It goes both ways…)

Together, we set the tone for right relations, right living, aligned agreements and peace.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize!!

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,