Human Design Evolution Report 12-2-2019

Hexagram 5 – Rhythm

The drive and energy for consistency, ritual and habit.The ability to harmonize with nature and natural rhythm.


I trust and wait. I know that the Universe will reveal the next step to me. I diligently prepare what I know to prepare and I eagerly anticipate what is coming next. I know that Divine Order provides for my abundance and I relax knowing that I’m on my way to creating what I want.

Writing Assignment:

  • Are there any last details you need to take care of before you get ready for the next step in your life? Is there information you need to master? Do you need to experiment or explore any new ideas or concepts?What habits do you need to cultivate or change while you’re waiting? Do you trust the Universe? 
  • Do you need to deepen your trust and connection? Do you need to cultivate better habits to stay consistent with your connection to Source?

EFT Setup:

Even though I feel nervous/scared/worried about waiting for Divine Timing, I now choose to create habits that support my connection with Source while I wait and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.