Human Design Evolution Report 12-16-2019

Hexagram 11 – Ideas

The ability to generate multiple possibilities that can lead to new experiences and the fulfillment of new stories and potentials.


I honor my inner creative process. I am grateful for every lesson and adventure I have in life and I know that each story of my life experience adds beautiful, rich threads to the tapestry of my own Life Story and the Story of Humanity. I relax and enjoy the quest for Truth in my life, knowing that the more I learn, the more I grow and that the learning and growing never stops. I allow myself to savor every moment and serve as the creative vessel I am. I relax, breathe, trust and let the ideas flow!

Writing Assignment:

    1. Evaluate your achievements and accomplishments of the last few weeks. What ideas do you have to improve what you’ve done? What did you learn?
    2. Keep a running list of ideas this week. You never know when you might find the right person to share them with or when you may hit upon the “million dollar idea” for your life!

***Remember,  the 11 is the Gate of Ideas. You don’t have to manifest all of them…or any of them. If an idea is correct for you, it will show up in your life correctly, according to your personal Human Design strategy.

EFT Setup

Even though I’ve got so many ideas, I now trust that I will know exactly what action to take and when to take it and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.