Human Design Evolution Report 12-10-2019

***This week I recorded a really FUN Human Design Evolution report for you. Unfortunately, for some reason, my brain thought it was November, not December, and I recorded all the wrong information. UGH. Consequently, the Human Design Evolution Report is in written format this week. (I was time-bending in reverse…)

Click here to download the Transit Planning Guide for week of December 9, 2019

Hexagram 26 – Integrity

The ability to transmit ideas and services that help people create more value in their life.Integrity and Truth.The ability to “close” a sale and increase value in the world.


I speak and act with integrity. My actions and words are in alignment with my intentions. I take my time to speak the perfect words because I know that my words are representations of my heart and my inspirations. I care deeply about my impact and I listen with love to those around me. I take my time and act in alignment with my values and I share my heart freely with my loved ones.

Writing Assignment:

  1. Are your actions and words in alignment with your intentions? What might you need to do to bring them into alignment?
  2. What truths do you need to share from your heart? What heart-to-heart connections do you need to make this week?
  3. What do you truly value in your life? Are you sharing your appreciation?

EFT Setup:

Even though I am afraid to share my Truth, I now choose to speak my truth clearly and confidently and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.