Human Design Evolution Report 11-27-2018

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NOVEMBER 28, 2018

Hexagram 9 – Focus

The ability to know what to focus on.  The deep dive.


I trust the Universe to provide me with everything I need to make my dreams come true. While I wait for the perfect unfoldment of my dreams, I take powerful steps and implement important details to prepare for the manifestation of my intentions. I relax knowing that I am a doing my part in co-creating my life.

Writing Assignment:

Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On top of the left column write the word “Me”. On top of the right column write the word “The Universe”.

  1. In the left column make a list of all the things you need to do to make your dream come true. This is the practical 3-D things you need to take care of like write a book, test drive car, build a website, take a class, etc.
  1. In the right hand column make a list of all the things the Universe can do. These are the things that may feel beyond your control at the moment, such as attract the perfect clients,friends or lover, provide the perfect information and the support, etc.

Doing this exercise will help you discover what concrete, practical baby-steps you can take to make your dreams your reality.

EFT Setup for this week:

Even though I’ve been frustrated with my lack of focus, I now choose to be clear, stay focused and take the actions necessary to create my intentions.