Human Design Evolution Report 11-11-2019

Hexagram 43 – Breakthrough

The ability to experience insights into new ideas, thoughts and inspirations.


I take time to enjoy my thoughts. I allow myself to begin to formulate new ideas and inspirations that can create change in my life and in the life of others. I recognize and allow for my own brilliance and serve this brilliance by waiting for the right people to ask me for my insights. My thoughts and ideas are valuable and I trust that what I have

to share is valuable to the right people. I attract the right support, circumstances and opportunities that align with my new ideas.

Writing Assignment:

1.Take some time to “brain dump” all your current thoughts, ideas and inspirations. Can you see a pattern of something new emerging? Are you on the cusp of a “breakthrough” in your own consciousness or your mindset?

EFT Setup: 

Even though it’s hard to wait for someone to ask me for my insights, I now choose to wait and know that my thoughts are valuable and precious. I only share them with people who value my insights and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.