Human Design Evolution Report 10-22-2019

Hexagram 50 – Values

Nurturing energy that maintains and environment that supports the sharing of ideas and values.Teaching, cooking, taking care of. A Gate of Love.


I establish the rules for my reality. I take care and nourish myself so that I may take care and nourish others. Everything I do for others, I do for myself first in order to sustain my energy and power. I rule with self-love and then love freely.

Writing Assignment:

  1. What new rules do you need to play by? Do I need to create new rules in my relationships, my business, for my health, wealth and welfare?
  2. Do I love myself? Do I need to nurture myself more? Do I have the strength and foundation to love freely? Do I feel safe in love?

EFT Setup:

Even though it’s hard for me to give and receive love, I now choose to be completely open to receiving and sharing deep and unconditional love starting first by deeply and completely loving and accepting myself first.