Human Design Evolution Report 1-28-2019

JANUARY 28, 2018

Hexagram 19 – Intimacy

  The energy for intimacy.  The sensitivity to perceive subtle changes and shifts in emotional energy and the physical environment.



I am grateful for all that I have received. I honor my creative process and know that Divine Timing will open up the correct circumstances in the correct order to fulfill my creative desires and provide all the support and success I desire. I honor the nature of Divine Timing and trust that abundance works through me and my relationships at all times.

I know that the ending of cycles is always the beginning of the new. I honor the end of all creative cycles and anticipate the next new creative experiences awaiting me. I take the blessings and the lessons I have learned from this cycle and move forward courageously into the next.

I take great care of all my relationships, including my relationship with myself. I know that some relationships will serve me for a lifetime and some have a brief impact on my life before a new cycle begins. I begin and end all my relationships with love. I let go with ease. I allow with ease.

I trust in the cyles of Divine Order.

Writing Exercises:

  1.  What cycles in my life are coming to an end? Am I resisting or allowing these conclusions? Is there anything I need to do to create space for the beginning of a new cycle?
  2. What lessons have I learned from this cycle? Which blessings am I taking with me into the new cycle? Where do I have new clarity?
  3. What does intimacy mean to me? Are my needs being met? Am I meeting the needs of my partner? Am I asking clearly for what I want? Am I allowing my partner to give to me? Are there places where I need to master fulfilling my own intimacy needs?

EFT Setup:

Even though it’s scary to open my heart, I now choose to create space for deep, intimacy and love in my life and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.