Human Design Evolution Report 1-13-2020

We continue to expand upon the themes of last week with the Sun moving through the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, in conjunction with Saturn, Pluto and, at the beginning of the week, Mercury.

This massive highlighting of the Gate 61 gives us an incredible opportunity to not only see our lives, our circumstances, our situation, our past pains and patterns from a bigger, broader perspective, it gives us the power to begin to ground this perspective in new ways of creating in the world.

The Sun in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder is grounded by the Earth in the Gate 62, the Gate of Preparation. We were initiated last week. Now we are preparing to get practical and really start doing whatever we need to do to clear the path and create what we really want to be creating.

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 61 and moves to the Gate 60, the Gate of Resourcefulness mid-week. This Gate is literally the “mirror” of the Gate 61, coming off the top middle of the Root Center. We are being invited to explore, with new eyes, what IS working in our lives, to find the blessings that were born of our challenges and to explore how we can grow and expand on the good we already have.

To do this we have to sustain and maintain our focus. We know from quantum physics that when we an object, or a situation, that our power of observation changes what we are looking at. Our perspective creates our experience of reality and when we harness our new, expanded perspective of our Right Place in the cosmic order of things, we have the ability to create a life that is genuinely worthy of who we truly are and a beautiful expression of our authentic selves.

In other words, the planets are conspiring to help you live authentically and to find a practical and resourceful way to begin to implement the changes necessary to live the life you truly want to be living. These are all actionable energies, a cosmic signal that we need to heed our inner promptings and set the stage for finally doing what we’ve been dreaming of for decades.

Speak with gratitude to your fellow inhabitants on Spaceship Earth. Our appreciation and acknowledgment for all of Life goes a long way this week!

Jupiter moves into the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary. Jupiter is a planet that promises to expand our blessings once we have removed the obstacles to living authentically out of our lives. These past few weeks have served the function of showing us what is truly valuable – and worth fighting for – in our lives. When we focus with the clarity of a visionary on our intentions, we maintain and sustain our energy in a way that supports our growth and expansion. This is a vital time to make sure that you are staying aligned with your vision, cultivating a practice that allows you to sustain your faith and a high frequency of emotional energy in order to grow your blessings and make your dreams a reality.

The keynotes for this week’s energy are focus, faith, possibility and gratitude. If you cultivate a daily practice – or even a minute by minute practice, of working with these creative archetypes, this week will continue to be a seminal week in anchoring the energy of a new era – an era that is ready for equitability, sustainability and peace.

  • What do you do to maintain your sense of wonder? How can you deepen your awe of the magnificence of the Universe?
  • What old thoughts, patterns and beliefs do you need to release in order to align with your knowingness and to trust your “delusional confidence” as a powerful creative state.
  • What greater perspectives on the events of your life can you see? What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned from you pain?How do you use these lessons to expand your self-expression?