Human Design Evolution Report 06-22-2020

Welcome to the celestial roller coaster ride!

We ended last week with the Summer Solstice and Mercury going retrograde.

We begin this week with a solar eclipse, a new moon and the Sun all in the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion!

Eclipse energy always ramps up whatever themes the planets are bringing us. New moons bring us the energy for new beginnings and the weekly movement of the Sun tells us what we are focusing on sharing with the world.

The Gate 15 brings us the lesson of learning how to share from the Heart without giving up our Hearts and serving as a “martyrs”. The Gate 15 teaches us to respond to change with a new compassionate direction and encourages us to explore how we can best empower ourselves and others.

The Gate 15 sits near the terminal point in the Logical Circuit in the chart. The Gates in the Logical Circuit are all about predicting the future based on the patterns of the past. Logical energy gives us a degree of certainty that we know what’s next because we understand the pattern of what’s come before.

But change is normal.(Especially this year!)

The Gate 15 is the “pattern interrupt” in the logical circuit. To understand this we have to look at the Channel 15/5 (The Channel of Natural Order) where it is located.


The electromagnetic to the Gate 15 is the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency. We see in this Channel that nature has order and rhythm. The sun comes up. The sun sets. We have seasons. We have consistency as the foundation of nature.

But, nature herself has the potential for dramatic change. If the Gate 5 represents consistency, the Gate 15 is the energy for events that disrupt the pattern; hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more…

These extreme events – and I’m using the word “extreme” deliberately here – actually serve to change the landscape we live in and they also bring us the potential to come together in the name of compassion and sharing.

Think about what happens when there is a natural disaster.We long to DO something to help…

Extreme events and disruptions of patterns force us to have to evaluate what’s needed if we’re going to rebuild or start over with something new and better. These events cause us to have to re-calibrate our direction and invite us to explore how we can better put Love into action.

This same energy is playing out in our Nodal themes. The North Node is lighting up the Gate 15The South Node is lighting up the Gate 10. The Nodes represent the “plot outline” in the story we are living right now and are giving us the guidelines to help us understand the direction of our evolution right now.

With this energy front and center in the celestial weather we are being given one very clear evolutionary directive from the planets: Get rid of anything that is keeping you from loving yourself so that you can better learn to love others.

Here’s the deal. With the Earth in the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-love, we know that we can’t move forward with the purpose that the Sun is inviting us to fulfill if we’re not grounded with the theme of the Earth first.

If we don’t love ourselves first, we tend to hold others responsible for making us feel loved. If we don’t feel loved, we blame and tell stories of our victimhood causing us to react instead of deliberately create. We fail to not only honor our own self-worth, we fail to honor and value others.

You can’t love anyone else without the hidden agenda of proving your own love-worthiness if you don’t love yourself first.

Any act you commit from a place of not loving yourself is inherently unsustainable and riddled with unhealthy conundrums.

The energy of the Channel 15/5 flows through the Identity Center (giving direction to compassion) through the Channel 7/31, the Channel of Egalitarianism. The final expression of the Logical Circuit informs us that all people must have a “seat at the table” and a Voice in the direction of their lives.


This is where we are headed.

But we can’t get there if we don’t break the patterns that we’ve gotten too comfortable living.

This eclipse-new moon-Sun-Node combo highlighting the Gate 15 is preparing us for more giant “pattern interrupts”. Things are going to keep changing because they need to change.

We are creating space, taking down infrastructures that no longer serve us. We are being provoked and challenged by patterns that are out of alignment with equitable, just, sustainable peace.

This energy can feel out of control and the destruction may be extreme. But, whether you realize it or not, you are guiding this energy. Your soul’s intention to build a better, more peaceful and collaborative world, is heeding the call. We are creating space to rebuild something more beautiful and more worthy of humanity.

It’s vital at this time that you take care of your own self-worth, karma and explore more deeply what you need to do to cultivate more faith. It is time to hold a world vision of where we want to go personally and collectively – to create a prayer field to support the building of this new vision.

On Thursday, the Sun moves into the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective and the Earth moves into the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery. We get a little pause here, time to contemplate and take stock of our journey so far. We are deciding where to use our energy and where to put our focus so that we can continue our growth cycle.

Be sure to take some time this week to contemplate and study. We’ll have six planets in retrograde this week. This is a time for deep inner work that prepares us to move forward with our Hearts.

Remember. You are a once-in-a-lifetime-cosmic-event. And so is every inhabitant on this planet. Let’s start treating each other (and ourselves) that way!

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,