Human Design Evolution Report 06-16-2020 with an extra Special Mercury Retrograde edition

We have two major themes to discuss this week, the movement of the Sun and Earth and Mercury Retrograde which adds this energy to “retrograde season” on Thursday.

We’ll start first with the weekly movement of the Sun and Earth. We begin the week with the Sun in the Gate 12, the Gate of the Channel. This energy helps us to know that our words and our creativity are an expression of potential transformation and a vehicle for Divine Insight.

The words you speak, the insights and creativity you share have the power to change others and the world. This energy is so powerful that people have to be prepared and ready to receive it, so “right” timing and knowing when it’s time to share what you know is vital to maximize the transformative potential of this Gate.

The beauty of this energy is that it is either articulate or not depending on the alignment of the quality of energy that you are holding and the timing of what you are trying to share. The more aligned you are, the more articulate you are and the words you speak can bring powerful and graceful change.

If you’re not waiting for the right timing or you’re not aligned with what you are trying to share, you may struggle with your words and your expression may feel clunky and “grace-less”.

With the Sun in this position, it promises to give us the power to speak words that can transform the world and to support us in our creative expression and power.

The Earth grounds us in the Gate 11, the Gate of the Conceptualist. This energy gives us a tremendous amount of ideas – so many that it can seem overwhelming at times. If we’re not waiting for the right timing and we’re trying to push our ideas out into the world, the potential for this week to feel confusing and mentally overwhelming is high.

I want to gently remind you to sort through and manage all the ideas and inspiration you hold. Write them down. Do a brain dump on paper to get them out of your head.

Not all the ideas that you have are for you. Trust that the ideas that are yours will show up for you in an actionable way. Remember to value yourself enough to value the ideas you have and to wait for the right people and the right time to share those ideas.

Friday we hit the mid-point of this creative quarter. The Human Design year is broken into four quarters, each one embodying an aspect of the creative process. We are in the Quarter of the Template.The words we speak this quarter create a template for what we do and what we manifest.

The middle of each creative quarter is rooted in the energy of Love. We are given the opportunity to calibrate what we are seeking to manifest in the world with Love.

On Friday the Sun moves into the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion and the Earth moves into the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love.

We can not be compassionate until we love ourselves first. Self-Love is the well of sustainable, enduring and actionable Love. When we love ourselves first, we can better love others without hidden agendas, manipulation and without a need to prove our love-worthiness.

These energies call on us to share from the Heart without giving up our own Heart and serving as a “martyr”. The planets are asking us to take responsibility for our own creations, to not react with guilt or blame, but to instead take empowered ownership over the next right step and to act with pure Love for all.

Okay…let’s talk about eclipse season. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in retrograde and will be joined by Mercury, on June 18. Retrograde cycles offer us an opportunity to go inward and to contemplate. It’s a “resting” phase, so to speak, giving us a pause and a chance to re-calibrate.

A massive retrograde cycle such as the one we are in now, can feel like moving through cosmic goo. It feels sticky and slows us down often creating the effect of being all “revved” up with no where to go or like we’re working hard to try to harness any kind of momentum.

Mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde on June 18 until July 12.This retrograde cycle highlights the Gate 39, the Gate of Re-Calibration and the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective.

This Mercury Retrograde cycle promises to be a little edgy.Communication under a Mercury retrograde cycle always requires careful, deliberate use of language. It’s easy for things to get misunderstood or to skip vital steps that create upset or confusion.

We are in a creative quarter that is all about using language to set the tone and create the template for what we build so a retrograde in Mercury during this cycle requires that we slow down and really, really, really be mindful of what we’re saying and what we’re communicating to each other – and to ourselves.

This Mercury retrograde cycle is encouraging us to look closely at what might be holding us back from cultivating a mindset of faith. Where are we blocking ourselves from believing we can create what we want and need, both personally and collectively? This energy can be provocative and make us uncomfortable.

It will require us to look first at ourselves and where we may be out of alignment with the idea and integration of the concept of personal abundance – and abundance for everyone.

It’s easy, when this energy is at play, to feel overwhelmed by lack and panic as a result of fear. Expect to be provoked and challenged by others. You will need to guard against holding others responsible for your own inner alignment with sufficiency.

No one can align you with faith or abundance except yourself. That means we continue to do our inner work healing our personal and collective self-worth trauma. When you believe you are enough, it’s easier to create enough and to share what you have without fear of limitation or lack.

On July 2nd we explore, through the lens of Mercury, the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective. This Gate gives us the ability to take a bird’s eye view of our situation and to see what’s necessary and where we need to begin to focus our energy. To better “see” we must be still, to observe without pressure or emotional attachment.

Without this stillness and the willingness to see the entire circumstance from an elevated perspective we run the risk of feeling like we have attention deficit disorder. It’s easy to let overwhelm paralyze us and cause us to fail to act. Without clarity we run the risk of putting our energy and attention in the wrong place and to spending our energy focused on something that bears no fruit.

This energy is the ultimate “pause” button. Retreat and perspective keep us from having our focus distorted or deliberately confused by others with agendas that don’t align with our faith and our deep awareness of the potential of an abundant, sustainable and peaceful world.

We must, during this seminal time, remember the power of our words. Words initiate, instigate, inspire, transform, define, lead, create, elevate and more. Open your mouth and speak deliberately and powerfully. The words you choose have the power to create a template for a revolution of Love for the world and all of her inhabitants. Choose your words wisely.

From my Heart to Yours,