Human Design Evolution Report 06-01-2020

It sure seems like the planets are playing celestial Jumanji with us, doesn’t it?

We’ve got a lot to unpack this week so let’s dive in and get started.

We are in a massive cycle of disruption…in case you hadn’t noticed….and we haven’t even started eclipse season yet.

Before we talk about the celestial weather, let me gently remind you that we are at the end of a Global Cycle in Human Design. We are experiencing an enormous amount of evolutionary tension caused by the coming apart of old infrastructures that no longer honor the inherent value of each living being on the planet.

We are learning to create equitably, sustainably and peacefully – even if it doesn’t look like it right now. It’s not a coincidence that we have the theme of “breathing” in our collective narrative right now with Covid-19 and the murder of George Floyd. The breath is what connects us to the Divine and to Life. We are standing on the edge of the Age of Inspiration and reclaiming the Divinity of all of our Divine Siblings.

We are manifestations of consciousness who are serving, through our experience on the planet, the unfolding of the growth of consciousness. If we are unaware of this identity, if we lose connection with who we truly are, then we don’t have choice. We will simply react to the unfolding of the cosmic plan and lose our ability to consciously serve the evolution of humanity.

If we remember our true identity and we engage with life consciously, we absolutely have choice over how we experience life.

You may not be able to stop the unfolding of the evolution of consciousness, but you have total control over how you’re going to experience the world. The question we are dealing with collectively is not what are we evolving towards, but how are we going to get there.

We are headed towards creating a world of equitable, sustainable peace.That endpoint is set, as you’ll see as we explore the changes that we are facing.We will either evolve in a joyful, conscious and aligned way or we will fight and destroy the old world before we emerge into the new.

It’s up to us.

Remember that you are inherently valuable because you exist.There is nothing you have to do, nothing you have to prove…You are valuable.Because. You. Exist.

As a precious aspect of Divinity, you deserve to rest, restore your energy, nurture yourself and sustain yourself.When you take care of yourself, you have more to give and more to share.

There’s a lot going on in the celestial weather this week so I’m going to break it down into two sections for you.

1. The Sun and the Earth

The Sun is transiting the Gate 35, the Gate of Experience all week.The Earth is transiting the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency. There is a bit of a conundrum in these two Gates.

The Gate 35 is part of the Sensing Circuit

The Sensing Circuit has the role of interpreting our human story and using our experiences to craft our personal and collective narrative.It is emotional and profoundly creative, holds the potential for chaos, disorganization but also the potential for transformation through storytelling and for breaking old patterns by stretching the boundaries of what’s possible in the human story.

The Gate 5 is part of the Logical Circuit.

Logic is the circuit that shows us the patterns of life. It’s through understanding and interpreting these patterns that we can predict the future. The patterns of Logic can be rigid and hard to change. Many of our old infrastructures and “systems” are built based on the idea that we can use formulas to manage humans. But of course, it’s hard to make the beautiful diversity of all of humanity fit into a formula, especially when the formula doesn’t take into account the unique, vital and irreplaceable role that each and every one of you have to play in this world.

Logic and Sensing don’t always get along too well. Logic want’s things to remain the same. There is fear in the Logic circuit and it can rigidly fight to keep the old patterns in order to feel comfortable and to not be afraid of the unknown. Sensing is sensual, holistic, experiential and emotional.Sensing “feels” things and senses rightness even if it doesn’t know why.

This is the classic struggle between the right and the left hemisphere of the brain or archetypically masculine versus feminine way of thinking and expressing power.

We need both circuits to create change. Logic holds to the past by sticking to old patterns. Sensing explores the future through experience and sharing possibilities and experiences.

The Human Design year is broken into four quarters, each one representing the stages of the creative process. We are in the middle of the quarter that I like to call the Quarter of the Template. Almost all of the Gates in this quarter are located in the Throat Center, which in Quantum Human Design we call the Activation Center.

Our creative power this quarter lies in our capacity to speak and use language to build the template for what we want to create in the world. This week, with the Sun in the Gate 35, we are being supported in sharing our story. We are speaking about the narratives of our experience in the world.

This is potentially deep, emotional energy. The transmissions of these vital stories stretch the edge of the human condition and reveal our pain, our joy, our potential to break free from old patterns that no longer serve.

We’ve talked a lot these past weeks about language and the power of your voice. Remember, though, that the voice has no power without a listener. This is a week where we need to leave space for people to share their stories, to transmit their pain and for us all to remember that we must bear witness and honor the stories we have the privilege to receive. These stories change us.

And they have the potential to break old patterns and crack us open to create something new, something more empowered and something that is more worthy of the Heart of humanity.

The Gate 5 invites us to explore what old patterns and habits do we have – how are we conditioned – to hold tight to outdated stories. This is the energy this week that grounds us. We are able to listen better and share more deeply if we have patterns and habits that help us keep our ears, our minds and our Hearts open.

There’s a huge potential for change in this energy. The Gate 5 is part of the The Channel 15/5, the Channel of the Flow of Life. It the place in the Human Design chart where the potential for “pattern interrupt” occurs in the Logical Circuit.

In this Channel, the Gate 5 reaches towards the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion. This channel represents Natural Order. The consistency of the Gate 5 represents the rhythms of nature and life. This consistency that gives us the seasons, the daily rhythm of sunrise and sunset, the cycles of the moon is occasionally interrupted by extreme events, represented by the Gate 15.

These extreme events such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes, disrupt the consistent of our rhythm causing an interruption of the pattern and sometimes the opening for a new and better pattern.

The destruction of a storm offers us the potential to rebuild, awakens in us compassionate response and pushes us into leading from Heart, not mind.

Ironically, the patterns of the Logical Circuit inform us that nothing stays the same and that change is the norm. Both the Logical Circuit and the Sensing Circuit show us that, in the end, the Heart wins and we create new leadership and narratives that come from the Heart and serve the greater good.

This week we’re looking at the old patterns and exploring, in the face of extreme events, what new patterns do we want to establish. We’re listening deeply to each other, sharing our stories and stretching the boundaries of what’s possible in the human story and opening ourselves us for massive pattern disrupts – which by the way is the definition of a miracle.

2. Eclipse Season starts this Friday.

Eclipses of any kind promise to shake things up and intensify them. We have a lunar eclipse in Sagitarrius this Friday. A Lunar Eclipse has ten times the potential of Full Moon, and often clears a path that helps accelerate our evolution.

With the moon in the Gate 5 on Friday, we are letting go of old beliefs, old patterns and ways of creating in the world that no longer serve the Greater Good. We are pushing towards interrupting patterns that keep us from sharing and living from the Heart.

Emotions may be heated. We may find ourselves riddled with doubt and suspicion for each other if we’re not careful. The emotional potential during this cycle is intense and potentially deeply chaotic.

We must allow our emotions in order to have a breakthrough. We must also listen to the emotions of others and respond with loving kindness, not reactivity and violence.

If we can use our emotions as the powerful, creative force that they can be, then this release and intense sharing of experiences can lead to powerful, compassionate change.

It may be difficult but this eclipse is inviting us to listen to our anger. To not judge “negative” emotions, but rather to hear them as symptoms of patterns that are no longer working, that need reformation and healing and to support each other in breaking free from the patterns of the past.

The call this week is to stay grounded in the habits that keep our minds and our Hearts open. To truly hear each other we must enter into to honest dialogue without filtering our words through our own hidden agendas to prove our value.

The potential for great change is in front of us. Listen deeply. Love fiercely. Share from your Heart. Break the old patterns that no longer serve. Stay out of judgement and be present. Hold relentlessly to a vision of a world of equitable, sustainable peace for all of humanity.

Have a great week!