Human Design Evolution Report 05-25-2020

The energy of this week is being brought to you by two themes:

1. Divine Timing

2. Do Your Homework

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience moving on Wednesday to the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest. Both of these energies reside on the Throat Center, influencing the timing for right action, manifestation and communication.

Timing is a big theme this week, a theme that is preparing us for the portal of energy that takes us into eclipse season next week with a lunar eclipse in the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency. This first eclipse of the season invites us to deeply explore what is keeping us from adopting and sustaining patterns (habits) that support is us in fulfilling our intentions.

The one thing humans can’t control is timing. You can influence timing by being prepared and letting go of things that are taking up space, either energetically or physically. You can align with the unfolding of time, but you will never control it. If you try, you’ll only use a tremendous amount of effort with little return.

There is tremendous power in being prepared. The Earth starts the week in the Gate 34, the Gate of Power, the most busy and powerful Gate in Human Design. This is a Sacral Gate, encouraging us to build and prepare the way so that when the timing is right, we can respond with tremendous power and unify people in a common direction.

On Wednesday, the Earth moves to the Gate 9, the Gate of Narrowing (also a Sacral Gate). This energy encourages us to ground ourselves in our focus. This gives us the ability to see the “big picture” and be able to prioritize where to focus our energy.

When we lay the foundation to be ready to respond and we keep our focus on where we need to put our energy and attention, we influence timing.

Here’s what bungles us up:

**We think that the Universe is fickle, ignores our needs and wants, is capricious and operates on its own timeline that is mysterious and often difficult to decipher.

**Sometimes we question our own value and lovability which keeps us from believing in the support of the Universe.

**Many of us don’t actually have the energy to do the things we imagine we’d love to be doing and the Universe gives us a loving pause which, instead of using this time to rest and replenish our energy, we fight and resist it, feeling sorry for ourselves because we perceive that we’re living in some kind of cosmic “dead space”.

**We hold on to things, circumstances, old patterns, behaviors and choices that take up space in our life and we don’t have the room for the opportunity for something new and better to show up.

**We have habits, addictions and patterns that distract us and keep us from effectively focusing our attention on getting the things done that we need to get done.

**We sense or even know in our gut, in the depth of souls, what to do, when is the right time, or even the importance of waiting, and we second guess ourselves and cause ourselves to feel confused or disconnected from the right next step.

If you want to influence right timing, you have to do your homework. You have to make sure that you heal the self-worth issues that are keeping you from believing you can create all that you desire. You have to set in motion the things that need to happen to set the stage for the next right step to appear. You have to have the energy and resources to be able to leap when the timing is correct.You have to be focused and aligned.

And you have to trust in Source. And yourself.

Is there something you need to do to get ready for the next step or are you expecting to magically manifest what you want out of thin air? As humans on a third dimensional plane, sometimes to prepare for the next right step, we have to do the “work” to get ready.

Is there a book you need to write, a website that needs building, an office that needs to be assembled, a relationship issue that needs to be healed, an addiction that needs to be managed, something you need to get off your plate … something you need to do to make room for better timing?

This is homework you have in front of you these next two weeks. What do you need to heal, release, align with and bring to your awareness for you to be ready – really ready – to take the next right step in with your life?

If you do your homework, you will have access to all the power, all the wisdom and all the resources you need to spring into action when the timing is right.

Simple, but not always easy!

You’ve got your marching orders.Here’s to a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,