Human Design Evolution Report 05-18-2020

Human Design Transit Report – Sun in Gate 8 and a review of some of the Outer Planets and Nodes

I want to start this week with a reminder that we are now in a big retrograde cycle. That means we’re integrating, learning and contemplating major themes as part of our growth and, ultimately, momentum. If you missed last week’s retrograde weather report, you can read it by clicking here

We haven’t reviewed some of the major players in our cosmic story recently so I thought I’d start this week’s celestial weather report with revisiting some of the outer planets and ongoing themes we’re working with.

We’re going to look at Uranus, Neptune and the Nodes, all energies that encourage us to transform our personal narratives as the part of creating a critical mass of collective change.

Let’s start first with the planet Uranus. Uranus is the planet of “awakening”. It often brings with it unexpected twists and turns that can kick us out of old, out-dated identities and force us to craft a new personal and collective narrative that calls us forward to fulfill our highest potential. The energy of Uranus liberates us from old restrictions and karmic entanglements that keep us from living our best life.

Uranus is in Taurus from March 2019 until April 2026. Uranus in Taurus is asking us to redefine our perceptions of our own value and the preciousness of humanity. As we move away from material consciousness into a quantum consciousness, people can no longer be seen as commodities or numbers. Uranus will beg us to see the value in each individual and conduct ourselves with respect for the unique and irreplaceable role that each human plays in the cosmic plan.

This very basic shift will force us to re-evaluate government, education, economy and how we take care of each other helping us to see that we are not free until we are all free.

This Uranian shift will bring the health of the planet into focus. We will no longer be able to afford to deny climate change and we’ll have to deal with the idea that we are all under the same sun and living on the same earth ship. Uranus will help us discover solutions to a situation that might initially feel impossible or ill-fated. These changes will force us to ask ourselves what do we really need and to redefine abundance as sufficiency and trusting that we will have everything we need when we need it.

To stabilize the earth changes, we will need to change our values and create sustainably. To be sustainable in the world, we have to first and foremost, become sustainable ourselves. We will need to be personally resilient and work in the world in such a way that allows us to sustain our personal energy. We will discover how to create from a place of sufficiency instead of fear of lack, translating this faith into right action and long-term perspectives that will allow us to restore and conserve our natural resources.

This serves two vital functions. First of all, this will allow us to experience greater creativity and well-being because we won’t be operating from burnout. Secondly, by crafting an economy rooted in well-being versus material gain, we take ourselves off the “time for money hamster wheel” and we begin a collective exploration of what it will take to lift all occupants on the planet to a high quality of living.

Businesses that focus on expanding well-being for others will serve on the leading edge of a new economy. Taking good care of your workforce, building strong relationships with your clients and valuing the unique contribution of each team member will also create a new definition of business success.

We will be invited by Uranus to explore our attachment to the material world and to stream line what is truly important to us. Of course, because this is a Uranian shift, it will have all kinds of crazy twists and unexpected turns. To move us forward with Love and Compassion, we will need wise, guiding Hearts who have a clear connection with the true nature of the Cosmic Plan, to shepherd the collective towards global initiatives that create a world of sustainable, equitable peace.

Expect to see old collective structures crumble. Outdated “systems” that seek to make human beings into “formulas” and fail to take into account the preciousness of each individual person will no longer be sustainable on the planet. This potentially includes corporations, government “systems” such as the healthcare “system” and the education “system”.

We will see financial revolutions that create alternative economies using new, more equitable forms of currencies. Pay attention to concepts like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, resource sharing and co-working and co-housing.

Uranus moved into the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings, last week (May 15), inviting us to be grateful for the lessons that we’ve received, to find the blessings in the pain of our experience and encouraging us to not rationalize or settle for less than what we deserve.

Neptune is in the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender, where it’s been hanging out since January 29 until March 7, 2022. Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle.

The Gate 22 brings us the lesson of learning trust that our passions and deepest desires are supported by the Universal flow of abundance. We are mastering having the courage to follow our passion and know that we’ll be supported and to master regulating our emotional energy so that we have faith that everything will unfold perfectly. This is a key lesson that is helping us master the process of creating with faith.

The Nodes in the celestial transits represent what I like to refer to as the “plot outline” of the story we’re working through right now.

The South Node indicates what we are comfortable with, the lessons previously learned and what we’ve brought into our current situation to help overcome the challenges we face in our current life. The Gate occupied by the South Node is an indicator of what we did to learn these lessons.

The South Node is in the Gate 10, the Gate of Self Love, indicating that we’re bringing in a sense of our lovability and empowerment. We’ve learned that self-love is the source of your true creative power.

The North Node indicates the challenges that we are to face during our current reality. It indicates the lessons we need to learn to move forward. The Gate occupied by the North Node is an indicator of the ideal way to face the challenges or lessons during this time.

The North Node is in the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion, helping us explore how we will use our self-love as a foundation from which to share with others. We are learning to have the courage to do the right thing even if we are worried about not having enough and to share from the Heart without giving up our Heart and serving as a “martyr”.

The overall picture of the themes of the outer planets (including the retrograde planets we discussed last week) tells us that we are in the process of learning how to transcend fear, to untangle ourselves from old stories by helping us cultivate a bigger perspective on the experiences of our past and teaching us that we no longer create effectively when we use the sheer force of our will or effort.We are mastering faith and learning how to consciously cultivate an emotional frequency of energy that will help us steer ourselves confidently towards building a world of equitable, sustainable peace – even if we don’t see evidence of it yet.

The planets are encouraging us to build the template of what we want, to lay the foundation of this dream with intention and to consciously hold the frequency of what we seek to build by diligently tending to our emotional energy and liberating ourselves form limitations set by outdated stories that no longer fit us.

This week we start with the Sun in the Gate 8, the Gate of Fulfillment moving to the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience, helping us explore how can can relax into the knowing that we will access more support – not less – when we are aligned with our authentic selves. We make more money and tap into greater support when we fully express who we are, what we want and what we want to share with the world. We are learning to trust in Divine Timing and patiently building momentum while we wait for the circumstance to align with our desires.

The Earth moves from the Gate 14, the Gate of Creation to the Gate 34, the Gate of Power. We need to learn to measure energy in order to stay occupied and busy, but not to burn ourselves out trying to force the timing or the “rightness” of a project. Slow and steady wins the race this week. You’ve planted the seeds now wait patiently and weed the garden while you’re waiting for the seeds to sprout.

Use this time to appreciate your resources and to notice how easily they can be created when you are aligned.

In the shadow energy this week, we run the risk of pushing too hard, compromising our authentic self for the sake of money and material security and burning ourselves out trying to figure out what the next right step is.

This is generated energy. The answers and opportunities we seek come to us if we trust.  Don’t push or force the answers. Surrender to grace.

Not always easy but worth the wait!!

Have a wonderful week!

From my Heart to Yours,



1.It’s normal to feel like you’re stuck right now. Don’t fight it. Use this as a time to contemplate, meditate and journal about your thoughts right now.

2.Work on finding the blessings and gifts in every situation – even the painful ones. Gratitude is a powerful creative energy to cultivate right now.

3.Explore your old stories and beliefs about trusting in the goodness of the Universe. What do you need to do to deepen your trust?

4.Explore the question: “What do you want?” Write out your thoughts and ideas.

5.Notice any place in your life where you think you have to compromise what you want and who you are because you think it’s not safe or valuable for you to honestly express yourself.

6.Find fun things to do while you’re waiting for the next right step to show up in your life!