Human Design Evolution Report 05-11-2020

This week promises to be a battleground between moving forward with momentum and desperate attempts to go back to “normal” and what was before.

Astrology gives us cycles (and sometimes cycles within cycles), all supporting us in experiencing different aspects of our growth and momentum. This week marks the beginning of a massive retrograde cycle with 4 planets going retrograde.

Retrograde cycles cause us to go inward, to explore past patterns, to release old patterns and untangle karma so that, when we do finally move forward again, we are more aligned and headed towards a future that is worthy of who we really are.

Venus goes retrograde on May 13. Venus represents relationship energy. It’s normal when Venus is in retrograde for us to explore past patterns in our relationships.When Venus goes retrograde, expect to hear from your exes!

Venus goes retrograde in the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution, setting the stage for the theme of this Retrograde cycle. The Gate 45 is all about sharing. We are exploring the theme of sharing in the context of our past relationship patterns.

Here’s the interesting thing to contemplate. The Gate 45 is dependent on having “enough”. It is an energy that connects the Will Center, the Center associated with our own self-worth or our perception of our “enough-ness” to the Throat Center. We share based on our perception of our value.

If we don’t value ourselves, we tend to over share or hide our Light. If we perceive ourselves as having/being enough, our sharing is a reflection of that value and supports us in, not only sharing in a sustainable and healthy way, but also helps us see the inherent values in others.

Venus is inviting us to look at the role that our sense of “enough-ness” (or not) has created in patterns of sharing or holding back in relationships. Are you setting good boundaries? Are you opening your Heart? Or are you oversharing because you’re trying to prove your value to someone else? All vital questions to contemplate during this cycle.

Pluto is retrograde in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, from April 25 – October 4. The Gate 61 is a powerful energy that encourages us to take a big step back and look at the Cosmic “Big Picture” of our lives.

The Gate 61 helps us cultivate the ability to see our purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event. It gives us the ability to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence (faith) as a way of sustaining our powerful creativity.

In the shadow of the Gate 61, when we lose our curiosity, awe and wonder, we run the risk of allowing the pressure to know “why” an event or experience has happened to create bitterness or victimhood that is often perpetuated in a rationalized pattern.

Sometimes the only answer to the question “why” an event occurred is that it happened for the sake of your own growth and expansion, even if it’s painful.

Pluto is catalytic. We can either resist the transformation that Pluto brings by being stuck in the question “why” or bringing ourselves into alignment with the understanding that the bigger “why” of an event will be revealed to us over time and in the meantime we keep taking one step in front of the other. We approach the unfolding of the plan moment by moment with faith that the next right step, the next right awareness and understanding will be revealed to us when we’re ready and the timing is aligned.

We will either resist or align with Pluto. Resistance causes fatigue and victimhood. Alignment creates the potential for exponential growth.

Pluto in the Gate 61 invites us to plant the seeds for new growth but also causes us to have to nurture and take care of what has fallen apart. We experience contraction and expansion at the same time and, without careful rest, time for contemplation and meditation, we run the risk of burning out and rationalizing going back to the way things were before.

Jupiter goes retrograde on May 15 until September 12, 2020Saturn goes retrograde from May 11 until September 29, 2020. As we’ve been talking about these last few months, Jupiter and Saturn are doing the Cosmic Cha Cha Cha all year, making things interesting and kind of spicy!

Whenever we master the challenges we experience in Saturn, Jupiter shows us the path to our reward for doing a good job. (Obviously the converse is also true…). Saturn and Jupiter both highlight the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation.

This Jupiter-Saturn dance is pushing us into the middle of an arena that is forcing us to pit our desire for things to return to “normal” versus our desire to use the energy of this year to build a new foundation upon which we’ll grow. It’s going to make us feel like we’re stuck in “cosmic goo” for a while until we figure out whether we are brave enough to make the changes necessary to move forward in a new and awakened way.

We are in the first week of the spring creative quarter of the Human Design Year. I like to call this quarter, the Quarter of the Template. We are going deep within and crafting a verbal template – a call to action – that explains and sets in motion what we are seeking to build during the year.

We are also in the middle of a pandemic. Pandemics always start with the Sun in the Gate 44, the Gate of Truth, forcing us to use this experience to explore our past patterns – our karma – and inviting us to untangle ourselves from old patterns that no longer serve us.

As I wrote before, retrograde energy forces us to explore past patterns. Saturn is the planet of karma showing us what we reap from what we’ve sown. This is a deep, deep energy that has the potential to create feelings of aloneness and isolation. We’re in a deeply personal exploration and being socially isolated by a pandemic and feeling socially isolated because of Saturn’s call for us to turn inward amplifies for many of us the desire to return to the past and what feels like “normal” before all this started last November.

The Gate 60 energy will stir in many people a deep urge to conserve the illusion that we can go back, demanding that we return to what was and stop all this “nonsense”. In spite of the grief over what we’ve left behind and the loneliness that we’re feeling, we can’t go back. The only path for us is to forge forward, remembering to not throw everything from the past to the side, but to carefully explore what was working, what is good and asking ourselves how we can build on what has come before.

If we don’t move forward with gratitude we run the risk of feeling bitter, depleted and lost. Be patient with your Divine Siblings who are afraid of the future. They want to go back because they don’t remember how to engineer their way through this Unknown that we are in the midst of.

I fully expect to see people fight over which way we are headed. Do we turn back or do we move forward? Obviously this is an internal and personal challenge as well.

If we master forward momentum, clear up our old hesitations and limitations, Jupiter promises to shower us with expansion, deep spiritual insights and connections, a bigger perspective that supports our growth and evolution and finishes off the retrograde cycle with the promise of giving us a pathway to manifesting our dreams.


Okay. What’s up with the Sun and the Earth this week?

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 23, the Gate of Transmission and the Earth in the Gate 43, the Gate of Insight. Both of these energies together give us definition in the Ajna and the Throat and help us explain what we know and the ability to share our knowingness with others. This energy also supports us in using our thoughts and our words to change the thinking of others in a good way – to facilitate breakthroughs and assimilation of new ideas and ways of thinking.

This is a deep sense of inner knowing and knowingness. This deep awareness is, first and foremost, for yourself. We are invited this week to trust our own awareness and our own deep connection to Truth and Source.

The Gate 23 teaches us to recognize that change and transformation are inevitable, to know what needs to happen next and encourages us to wait for the right timing and the right people to share our insights with. We’re mastering not jumping the gun and trying to convince people to understand what we know. We’re also learning to trust in Divine Timing and to not let ourselves slip into negativity and despair when people aren’t ready to change quite yet.

With the Earth highlighting the Gate 43, we are grounded in the ability to tap into new knowledge, understandings and insights that expand our own and other people’s understanding of the world.

Be prepared this week for deep, breath-taking, awe-inspiring insights that will transform the way you think about everything!

This is a lot of big stuff! Rest. Take care of yourselves. Leave yourself time to think and contemplate every day. We are not going to figure things out right now. We’re still exploring where we’ve been as the path to clarifying where we want to be going.

Have a great week!!

From my Heart to Yours,