Human Design Evolution Report 05-04-2020

The Human Design year is split into four quarters. Each quarter represent an aspect of the creative process. This week we enter the second quarter of the year, the Quarter of the Template.

This quarter is called the Quarter of the Template because the majority of the themes we work with in this quarter are rooted in the Sun transiting the Gates of the Throat Center. The Throat Center is the center associated with language and manifestation into action.

The words we use initiate action of some kind. Language is the beginning process of translating Divine Inspiration into form. The words we speak carry energy and eventually become “things”, events or experiences in our lives.

It is through language that we transmit our wisdom, gather people around innovative ideas, take leadership, express ourselves, share our personal narrative, teach, share our experiences, tell stories, transform how we think and prepare for the future and more.

Language sets the stage for action and manifestation. This quarter invites us to begin the process of putting words to our thoughts and inspirations and to initiate our potential by giving it form with language.

The words we speak set the tone and the direction for what we create. Language gives us the template for what we seek to create and build in the world.

The Gates of the Quarter of the Template

Every creative quarter in Human Design begins on the Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx, a direction giving cross. The Quarter of the Template begins with the Sun in the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing and the Earth in the Gate 1, the Gate of Purpose.

When we look at the weekly dance between the Sun and the Earth, we see that in order for us to fully express the potential of the archetype that the Sun is highlighting, we have to first receive the theme the Earth is bringing us. The Earth grounds us and gives us the stability necessary for us to express the the solar theme.

This week’s theme tells us that we need to first translate our purpose into language, to be aligned with who we are and to express ourselves in a relentlessly authentic way. When we are aligned with our true purpose and we are being honest with our language about who we are, what we want and where we are headed, then the Sun is sharing with us that we will receive everything we need to fulfill our purpose.

There is an irony with the Sun in the Gate 2. The Sun is momentum and action but the Gate 2, the Gate of Allowing is the most “yin” of all the Gates. It is deeply receptive. We calibrate what we receive this week by being authentic.

Of course, the opposite is true. If we are not honest about who we are, if we’re compromising and hiding out from ourselves, then what we receive is a reflection of our misalignment.

Hand in hand with the Sun in the Gate 2 is the theme of self-worth. How much are we willing to allow ourselves to receive? How much do you trust Source? Do you believe you can receive the support you need, even if you don’t “do” anything to “deserve” it? These are the big challenges the Sun invites us to explore this week. How much good are you willing to allow?

With the theme of gratitude and blessings sprinkled all over the chart (Saturn and Jupiter in the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation inviting us to take stock of what IS working and Pluto in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, encouraging us to look at our lives with awe and appreciation…) we increase what we allow for ourselves when we realize all the goodness we already have. The more we perceive ourselves as “having” the more we get to have.

This is a powerful week for intention setting. We are so quagmired in the “unknown” at this strange time, somewhat at the mercy of the unexpected with Uranus in Taurus, destabilizing the infrastructures that gave us predictability (and limitations…).Setting intentions can feel daunting and overwhelming.


The blessings of navigating in the sea of the unknown is that you can steer the direction of your life with the power of intentions. You might not be privy to the details of the unfolding of the “how” of your intentions, but the power of your alignment and the words you use to build your future, will steer your vessel in a direction that calls you forward in an expansive and authentic way.

Have a wonderful week!!