Human Design Evolution Report 04-27-2020


We’ve all been locked inside with each other for a while now and the possibility of our relationships beginning to show the wear and tear is high this week if we don’t heed the potential of the Cosmic Weather.

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings.The Earth is in the Gate 44, the Gate of Truth.

In the high expression of these energies, we are being invited to explore our patterns from the past and ask whether our habits and actions are creating the results we want in our lives. If we are living aligned with our integrity, then we are reaping the blessings of living true to our authentic selves. As a result, we can expand on the good that we have by being in gratitude for everything that has come before – even the hard lessons.


(There’s always a “but”, right?).

If, instead, we are stuck in our old patterns, afraid of moving forward out of fear that we’ll make the same mistakes again and we hold ourselves back, we run the risk of spending the week rationalizing staying stuck and settling for less than what we deserve. (See my post below about Pluto Retrograde to learn why resistance isn’t futile during this time!!)

Normally I wouldn’t give such an ominous warning about relationship energy with only looking at these two energies. However, in the context of understanding the potential of the week, we have to also look at the relationship planets to deepen our understanding of the themes of the week.

Venus is in the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution. Mars is in the Gate 49, the Gate of the Catalyst. These two energies in the high expression give us the power to share from the Heart as a way of catalyzing greater connection and intimacy. We are close when we are truthful and authentic with each other and when we express our gratitude for all that our partners have blessed us with.


In the low expression, if we are holding back, being selfish, inauthentic or less than truthful, we run the risk of blowing up our entire relationship. The Gate 49, sometimes known as the “divorce gate” is an energy that brings people together when there is agreement the values in the relationship or tears them apart if the values are violated.

In other words, you better be super clear this week about what the rules and agreements in your relationship are and you better make sure your partner is on the same page or you run the risk of really hurting your partnership.

As dire as these energies sound, they have the potential to catalyze more authentic and intimate connection with each other. This is a good week for some deep dives into past patterns and agreements in your partnership and being willing to explore the blessings from the hurts.

This is also a great time to really ask yourselves what you want and value in your relationship and what you can do to deepen your commitment to the partnership.

The benefits of such close quarters is that you have no choice but to do the work…

Pluto Retrograde in the Gate 61 – April 25 – October 4, 2020

Pluto, the planet of transformation, amplifies and intensifies the themes that it highlights. When a planet goes retrograde we are invited to go deep within the explore the themes that the planet is highlighting for us.

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