Human Design Evolution Report 02-10-2020

Take a deep breath! Another intense week on the horizon!

Let’s talk about intensity for a moment. Intensity, when it is aligned with what you really want, gives us the passion and the endurance to hold on to a vision until it is brought forth into form. It is the energy that gives us drive and fire when the going gets rough. It is the power to hold together what is new until it gains enough strength to be incorporated into being a reliable part of our lives.

Intensity without direction causes fire and burnout. Intensity that is rooted in a need to prove yourself or your value or your point can be exhausting. Be mindful this week of how you channel your inner fire.

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution moving into the Gate 30, the Gate of Passion on Thursday, just in time for Valentines Day!

I always marvel at the timing of Valentines Day. Celestially, it’s always a little “dodgy”. The Gate 49, sometimes referred to as the “Divorce Gate” brings us the energy to draw a metaphorical line in the sand if our intimate partnerships aren’t holding true to the values of the relationship.If you are in a partnership that is out of integrity or if your values are out of step with your partners, expect this week to bring action oriented change.

The energy of Revolution promises change.This change is rigid and immutable. Once you draw that “line in the sand” with this energy, it’s over. There is no going back so start your revolutions carefully and with love.

The other side of this energy is a failure to start a revolution. With Saturn and Pluto starting off the week in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, there is a potential for us to, if we’re not clear on our own value, settle for less than what we want and rationalize NOT starting a vital revolution. Make sure this week that you’re asking for and expecting to create what you want.Don’t settle or rationalize not taking action if necessary.

The Earth grounds us in the Gate 4, the Gate of Possibility. The full moon this past weekend brought us the same theme. We are getting clarity and receiving answers that support us in taking the right actions. Remember, answers are just possibilities.Truth comes from what you experience, not necessarily from what you think.

On Friday, the Earth moves to the Gate 29, the Gate of Devotion, depending our commitment to ourselves and to our vision (and to each other).

These are really lovely energies for Valentine’s Day and I fully expect passionate declarations of devotion to be the norm. For those of you who started a revolution in your relationships this week, make your Valentine’s Day is a passionate declaration of your love for yourself!

Be mindful this week that there is an undercurrent in Mercury, Venus and Mars that is ripe with the potential for opinions, blame and suspicions. As always, take a deep breath and make sure that what you are reacting to is actually true and be intentional and deliberate with all of your conversations.

Jupiter moved last week out of the Gate 38, The Gate of the Visionary, to the Gate 54, The Gate of Divine Inspiration.This eases some of the tension and fighting we’ve been experiencing and supports us all in re-connecting with Source for the answers to the challenges we’ve been wrestling with. Creativity is the gateway to expansion. Use this energy to allow yourself to explore your own creative powers. Playing, writing, painting, poetry, music, walks in the woods and meditation are all great ways to reconnect, not only to Source, but to our innate creative powers. Doing this actually decreases cortisol, increases dopamine and enhances our ability to find solutions to the challenges in our lives and the challenges facing humanity.

Saturn shifts out of the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder, to the Gate 60, The Gate of Conservation on Thursday. This energy allows us to put our new perspectives into action and invites us to learn to not let the fear of loss overwhelm our resourcefulness. We are being invited to learn to find what is working and focus on it instead of looking at the loss and disruption. Gratitude is the name of the game. You can not change a situation you hate by hating on it!

Remember, the Nodes are setting the tone for the story we’re living in. With the North Node in the Gate 52, The Gate of Perspective and the South Node in the Gate 58, the Gate of the Joy of Mastery, we are being supporting in discovering our unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the cosmic plan. We are being encourage to push towards self-regulation and self-mastery as the path to our own personal evolution.

When we discover the value of our irreplaceable role in the cosmos – the one that one YOU can fulfill – we are willing to claim what is rightfully ours, align with our higher purpose and experience the true joy of being who we truly are.

Have a great week!!!!